You have to 'jump higher than your competitors.'

You have to ‘jump higher than your competitors.’

How many times have you been faced with a customer who stands before you raving about your competitor? They tell you their prices are better, they have more merchandise than you. Worse than that, they say their prices for the same merchandise are cheaper than yours.

This is enough to make even the most seasoned salesperson shudder.  If you’re new at sales, this can be enough to make you want to quit.

If you’re going to be good at sales you have to know everything about your competitors. That means more than shopping them once; it means watching their advertisements and being aware of their every move. It means following their social media particularly their customer comments.  The more information you have, the more confidence you will have.

You have to believe in your products, your business and yourself. In order to do this you have to understand what makes your products and your business different than your competitors.  Remember that customers get attached to you not your products. If they tell you about your competitor’s products they are begging you to tell them why they should buy from you.

If they wanted to buy from your competitor, they would have; they’re in your shop to give you another chance. When this happens, you have to be up for the challenge.

To win, you must be different.

To win, you must be different.

Know what makes you different. Its likely little things. Maybe it’s your service dog that comes to work, the summer events you hold in your parking lot for kids or your involvement in The Wounded Worrier Project. This is often called ‘Added Value,’ it separates you and can be the deciding factor in a sale. What you stand for is as important as what you sell.

Stand up for what you know is right. Maybe your product is priced higher. It’s possible it’s the same product and is priced higher.  If so, you need to know why. It can be your extended warranties or your follow-up process. These things add to the cost of your product and have value.

Many of you are watching the primaries.  This is probably one of the most exciting races in history. A relatively unknown is challenging the establishment.  Name-calling and challenges are everywhere. This doesn’t seem to bother anyone; they just continue while ignoring the insults.

Selling yourself as a presidential candidate is probably one of the toughest sales jobs on the planet.

Make your business better  than your competitors. Whenever possible do something that will make your business better. Asking customers for testimonials, having them post great comments about your business will help build your confidence. Whenever possible, post something positive about your business on LinkedIn or one of your social media sites.

Look for the good things. What has your business done over the years to make the community better and support home-town projects?

Know the ‘ins and outs’ of your products. Know the strength and weaknesses of your products. Not every product is created equal.

Be honest with your customers. Remember today’s customers are savvy about products; they still need you to help them figure out which one will work for them.

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