Yes, There’s Light at the end of This Tunnel

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The light is at the end of the tunnel; don’t expect it to look the same as when you entered it. No matter what; look for new opportunities. You went through this in 2008, try not to worry but get your finances in order.
As businesses begin to open up, it’s obvious that to make it; you have your bank account in order. It’s hard to determine what to do when the rules change daily. Today I heard that the COVID-19 cases in Florida are so high the Governor spoke about having to close the state down! I recently took the Contact Tracer class and all I can say is, “Wear Your Mask.” I’M LOOKING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS TO INTERVIEW, PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU’RE INTERESTED. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE ALL DOING OUT THERE! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING TO KEEP MOVING. I WOULD LIKE TO DO A ZOOM WITH 10-20 OF YOU. SO REACH OUT!
Here are some ideas for you to consider.

  1. I remember speaking with several retailers about their businesses and suggesting they close. They couldn’t believe I said that because they knew their customers would be back. They were also under-capitalized, had back rent and taxes and couldn’t survive very long on 40% occupancy! Why am I telling you this? It’s time to look further ahead; are you using up the money you’ve saved to invest in a business that won’t make it? The light at the end of the tunnel is all of us deciding what we can do to maximize the business we have and how we can expand it.
  2. Check out my podcast, “Fired up Success,” on Spotify. Great interviews with experts, interior designers, testing experts, how to manage the kids and how to keep up your spirits.
  3. You’ve done this before, you know how to do this. Reach back into other times, the challenges you’ve had and how you got through to them before. If you can’t remember, call a friend who can refresh your memory. Check out Life Hacks and their ideas for getting through this. One important thing to remember, don’t isolate.  If you have questions about opening up, check this out.
  4.  Want new customers? Great article about 4 days ago. Connect on Facebook and LinkedIn with others in your industry.
  5. How about a vacation, it maybe time to do if you’re up for it. Check this out,  want to know where to go, check this out,

Okay, so I’m crazy, I don’t buy my own groceries yet!  Soon I will  have my new website, video classes and my book update. New ideas and things that will help you out.

Stay safe, dear friends.
Need someone to listen, share ideas with to give you new ideas? Reach out to Lisbeth, [email protected]

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