Worry About Today, Tomorrow Will Take Care of Itself

“There are two days in the week about which and upon which I never worry… Yesterday and Tomorrow.” ~Robert Jones Burdette … 

What a thought huh? If only I could pay attention to today, all the time. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes catch myself worrying about tomorrow. Do you ever worry about yesterday?

My mother always said, stay away from negative people, they’ll only bring you down. Even negative people have positive thoughts; the challenge is to find those thoughts. Sometime it’s just too much work and the best thing to do is move on. Many of us have negative people in our lives, some we work with on a daily basis. Maybe it’s best to support them from a distance. I actually spent the day with a group of people that were really quite negative—from my perspective. I started thinking; negative people are just trying to protect something. Maybe it’s because they don’t think they’re smart enough, pretty enough or rich enough or just… enough! The best thing for me to do today, go home.

My dad said; hang out with people younger and smarter than you. Why younger? Because they don’t spend their days talking about their aches and pains. Why smarter? You’ll learn something.

My aunt said, age means nothing. She was still on her bulldozer at 90.

Dr. Ho, the most influential adult person in my life said, study what you like.

I always thought you had to be first to make it.

The problem begins when we start comparing ourselves to others. Eventually you will realize that there’s no end to the torture you can put yourself through.

Celebrate your life, no matter what it brings you. At the beginning of each month note one thing you will do during the month to improve your health, your life, your relationships and your business. Just one thing a month will eventually change your life. Note what you’ve accomplished that makes YOU feel proud.

How do you measure success? American Idol measures success by who comes in first. By now you’ve realized that many of the real winners from the show didn’t come in first. How about Jennifer Hudson? Jennifer became known after becoming one of the finalists on the third season of American Idol. She wasn’t first, she was a finalist. She made a film debut in the 2006 film, Dreamgirls, and won an Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress. Jennifer was just waiting to be discovered. She just needed a place to be, a place to show up.

You have to compete to win anything. This reminds me, I came in 3244 out of 3521 in the Freihofer’s Run for Women last month. I loved being part of the race and I didn’t come in last. My goal was not to come in last. Not a lofty goal, but a goal! Just finishing was a big goal. Maybe next year I can set my sites a little higher.

Speaking of being first, who in the world is Graeme McDowell? Graeme McDowell of Northern Ireland became the first European in 40 years to capture the U.S. Open. My hunch is he has known all along who he is, he just needed the right place to show his stuff.
What about you? Have you found your place?

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