Word-of-Mouth Business

If you listen long enough you hear the greatest things. I just came across an interesting study online about word-of-mouth business.  According to studies done by buzz agencies and aired on Good Morning America, women are twice as likely to purchase a product if their friends tell them that it’s good. Are you familiar with the fast-drying nail polish OPI in a pen? The manufacturers hired the firm SheSpeaks to drum up excitement. SheSpeaks sent the product to 9,000 women asking them to try it and share coupons with friends. The result: SheSpeaks says 120,000 Nic’s Sticks were sold based on the campaign, which is 13-times the original giveway. SheSpeaks says the redemption rate for the coupons distributed by its marketers was 300 percent greater than the rate of redemption for the same $1-off coupon inserted in magazines! The power of the Internet. Go to GMA and look at the various studies, maybe you could adopt one of these to your business.

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