Why Would You Only Want To Eat Chinese Food?

"People are all different"I have been using BEST Instruments as a way to help individuals understand how they communicate and what they can do to be more versatile and effective in their jobs. The tests are simple but very telling.  It’s amazing how a 15 minute “quiz” can be so revealing. It is a way to understand yourself and those around you.
The key is learning how to value each other and  realize that each employee has their own assets and should be developed, leveraged and shared  throughout the company. This way people learn from each other and feel valued. By understanding your employees a company can create a highly motivated group who will continually exceed your company’s expectations.
One of the things that was brought to my attention was  that everyone in the room was similar in personality style. The person in charge said to me, it’s because the person doing the  hiring is choosing people just like himself.  This is not uncommon because people hire people who make them feel comfortable. Someone who understands team dynamics and how businesses work realizes that diversity is important. If you’re going to meet the diverse needs of your customers you will need different types of sales people. My father used to say “People are all different and they like it that way!” In other words, don’t try to make everyone the same.
Change is what’s happening!
This is no time to keep the status quo!
If you’re not changing your competitor is and taking your customer with them!
Sure you may have to be more understanding with people different than yourself but consider another point of view as a gift.
It’s like eating Chinese food your whole life and finding out that Italian food is just as good–if not better! How will you know unless you try it?  Life is for testing and trying not for staying safe.

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