Salespeople must be aware that customer experience is now more important than price or value.

Why Most Salespeople Fail at Delivering a Rock Star Customer Experience

Would you believe that for the first time, the customer rates their experience with the business ahead of price and product?

I know you’re saying it’s not so, they always ask about price. Here are some great responses to “Your price is too high.” HubSpot has some great ideas about how to overcome the price objection. Asking about price is their right; it doesn’t mean a price is too high!

In 2008, I wrote a book, “Red Hot Customer Service,”  and was in the process of updating it and then COVID hit. I went back to  research customer service and  find out that customer service is now considered only part of the customer experience. Customer service now encompasses your online presence,  which includes your reviews, your installer videos (if you’re in the flooring industry,”)  and your social media. Yes, they care about your Instagram and your Facebook page.  COVID  has made us more aware of how we  treat each other and if your business is adhering to social distance, keeping your place spotless, and wearing face protection.  COVID has given another dimension to the customer experience.    We’re more aware of how people are treating each other, even the clerk in the supermarket is suddenly an important part of our world. We are missing people, and a friendly hello goes a long way. Building relationships with your customers is the key to your sale and it’s more important than your prices and what you’re selling!

I ‘hang’ around flooring stores and watch salespeople interacting with customers.

It’s easy to pontificate about the sales process and how easy it seems to be.  The pros provide a seamless experience, they find out the customers wants, needs and their past experiences. The others don’t have a system, they let the customer lead them around. Sales are more of a ‘hit and miss.’ affair.

For the past three years, I’ve worked for a marketing company that handles sales events for car dealers. I get to talk with customers, qualify them and get them to the right salesperson. All of this helps me understand the salesperson, customer, and the process.  The more I watch I’m convinced there are  many mediocre sales professionals who think the way to close the sale is to show the customer how smart they are instead of letting the customer be in charge. Again it’s finding out the customers needs and wants and past experiences.

Things Successful Salespeople Do:

  • A successful salesperson has a different mindset. They respect the value and worth of their products no matter what the price; they  realize every product has its own value and sells them that way. Focusing on product can be  dangerous; no one wants to know they bought the cheapest one. The cheapest one is sometimes the only thing the customer can afford. If treated respectfully,  they may be back when they have more money.
  • They build good relationships and understand communication. If the customer objects, it’s just the customer’s request for more information, not a way to stop the sale. This is where your relationship pays off.  Having a good relationship with the customer will keep the process going and  keep the salesperson from getting rattled when the customer brings up an objection.  Again successful salespeople review the customer’s conditions of satisfaction  so the customer understands what they’re paying for. The only way the price goes down is if the  customer can  can lessen their conditions, so you can find a less expensive product.
Here’s how it goes:

Customer: “The product is too expensive”.

Salesperson: “I’m not sure I understand, are you saying its not worth the price I’m asking or you weren’t planning on spending so much money?” (These are two different situations.)

Customer: “I’m not sure it’s worth it.” (Obviously you haven’t justified the price and customer doesn’t understand.)

Salesperson: “Let me explain what makes this product cost more. Are you sure you need a product with all these features?  If you don’t, I can find you one that’s less money.”

Salespeople, like the rest of us, tend to ‘size up’ people we meet.

We decide if they’re rich, poor, smart, stupid, fashionable and adjectives, which go on and on. We can’t help it; the longer we live, the more ‘short cuts,’ we take and generalize situations. Successful salespeople put aside their stereotypes because they’ve learned their lesson. At one time or another, they’ve  misjudged a customer and lost out on a big sale. The key is to treat each person as if they have the money and want the best they can afford.

I’ve heard salespeople say that customers are insulted if you offer them the best.

Offering a person, the best or the product with the most features and benefits just shows the customer what’s in the marketplace. Not every person wants the newest or the best, but it’s nice to know what’s available. Instead of asking a customer what they’re looking for it’s smarter to ask the customer what they want the product to do or what  kind of features they want. Once you have this information even the cheapest of customers will give up the extra dollars if it’s something that will solve their  problems or something  they can’t live without.

These days  even the novice buyer has done their homework online and knows the value of what they’re about to purchase. It’s likely people aren’t insulted if you offer them the best, but they might be if you offer them the cheapest.

Building a relationship with the customer will allow you access to how they think and how they make decisions. This is a great article on why small talk matters and what you should talk about. Therefore, small talk really isn’t small; it’s critical if you’re planning on helping your customer make the right decision.

The more you know about a person the more helpful you will be.

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