Who’s In Control of Your Mind?

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Everyday someone is trying to persuade us and influence what we think and do. If you watch TV, get emails, look at pop-ups on the computer and billboards, you're bound to be affected by whatever message is there. It’s a wonder we ever have an original thought! With respect to my thoughts, actually, I'm always wondering whether they were conceived by me–or did someone tell me?

My next door neighbor is always asking me if I'd heard who robbed the local bank, fell down the mountain or was accused of fraud. I used to think that I needed to know these things, then realized that these things were just using up space on the hard drive of my mind. Now I wonder how much space I actually have and how much is left.

It’s not easy taking control of your mind, but if you don’t, someone else will. They're probably even doing this right now!

Brainpuzzle It's time for a change then. Turn the TV off. Stop letting celebrities determine what toothpaste you use or what type of medicine you take or what food you eat or what makeup you use.

Turn off the  mindless noise. If you need information, you know where to get it–just don’t become a random listening and recording device for everyone else’s messages. Decide what you want to hear and learn. Make a list of what you want to accomplish and how you can go about regaining control. 

Go get some exercise! Everyone talks about weight loss but how keeping it going is hard. Get on the treadmill, get out and walk, jump rope, try ice skating. Just move and keep track of what you do and how long you do it for.

Read stuff that connects with your values. Success has a lot to do with what you learn and what you do with it. The way the world is, you can’t count on anyone for success other than you. 

Have a successful day, I’m going off to find my delete button and empty the trash in my mind.

“It’s our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” –J.K. Rowling


2 thoughts on “Who’s In Control of Your Mind?”

  1. I find that since learning to meditate sixteen years ago, I have gained the freedom of not allowing outside sources to control my mind. Rather, I tap into that inner voice, our higher God self, that is free from judgement, fear, anger, jealousy, and all those emotions that diminish our peace and joy. I strongly suggest a teacher: it is very difficult to learn from a book or CD. I am in the Allentown area of Pennsylvania and I have a magnificent teacher: Greg Schweitzer. He taughts Wayne Dyer, Barbara Streisand, and George Harrison of the Beatles to meditate. For info: 610-395-3355. Blessings, HBL

  2. Hi Helene, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I loved meeting you last Saturday and felt a sense of peace being in you your presence.
    I remember in the 70’s I worked for a company that brought in someone a couple of times a week for 3 months to teach TM.
    In those days it was very new. Throughout my life I too have meditated especially when I was going through chemotherapy. Your post was a good reminder of how to be grounded and that meditation is best practiced ongoing. Lisbeth

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