When Should You Give Up? Maybe Never

Jim HermanJim Herman is one of those people who never really gave up. He put his career on hold but apparently went to work in the right place; was his theory, “I should never give up?” Actually, it doesn’t seem like it.
If you follow golf, you know being a professional golfer takes money, lots of it. In order to qualify you have to practice, practice and more importantly win. Jim Herman has one of those stories we all love. At 27, after giving up a promising, but not so lucrative golf career, he went to work at Donald Trump’s golf course in Beckenridge, New Jersey folding shirts in the pro shop.  As he knows now, it would appear this was the most important move in his career.
As the story goes, Trump asked him why he didn’t go back on the tour since he was an excellent player. Herman and Trump played together several times, and Trump felt that Herman was good enough to compete.  Good enough for Trump to invest money to get him back in the game.  Herman hit the links qualifying for the Web.com tour winning some lower level events. He’s been playing professionally ever since, his golf shirts bearing Trump’s name.
Yesterday at 38, and a veteran of only five years playing in the major leagues of golf, he won his first PGA Tour win at the Shell Houston Open. This wins him a place at the Masters. An interview with Herman shows a very emotional man excited about his possibilities.
The possibility of him winning, 300-1; does it really matter? Do the odds really matter to any of us?
Why do we pay attention to the odds even if they’re in our favor?
Then there’s Tiger Woods; many of us yearn for him to be back and be better than ever. He is presently on the disabled list after undergoing a second microdiscectomy surgery on his back. If his dreams include coming back on some level, if his back can
Following your dream means just that. Only you are in charge of when to stay and when to go. What others think is really unimportant unless they believe in you.
As I’ve heard, “Neither success nor failure are guaranteed forever.”
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