What’s the Purpose of a Birthday?

People yell, "Don’t remind me of my birthday – it just reminds me of my age." And what’s wrong with that?

Why are birthdays only important to kids and not most adults? They could remind us of a most important time in our life, our birth. I don’t know anyone who actually remembers their birth but I’ve heard some do. I bet your parents remember; it was probably one of the most memorable days of their lives. I remember when my sister was born, I was six at the time, and it was a terribly snowy night. I remember dad putting me in the back seat of the car, wrapped in my raggedy blanket (I never went anywhere without it) with a bottle of juice. Maybe you have a brother or sister who remembers your birthday event.
I started thinking differently about my birthday about 30 years ago when my parents were still alive. I sent my mother flowers on my birthday, she was thrilled. I told her that without her participation I wouldn’t be here. She actually thought it was quite funny until I asked her about my birth. She asked how many times did she have to go through it. We laughed about the snow and daddy pacing outside the delivery room. These days anyone is allowed in the delivery room including the paparazzi. I asked my mom if her doctor, Dr. Bowerhan, was a good doctor to which she replied, he made house calls and in those days that made him good. Mom said I cried all the way home, no mommy and nothing to show for the night intrusion. Like many 6 year olds I thought birth meant the possibility of a horse.

I asked my older cousin about my birth; she said everyone was excited — except her, she didn’t really care!

I also talked to my dad; he laughed and said "your mother never made anything easy. Both you and your sister were born in the middle of the worst snow storms in history."  What about your grandparents? Your birth was also their special event. When did they first get to see you, what presents did they bring? I called my grandparents, they cried. I was the first grandchild. I wish I had some videos.
My friend Mary celebrates her dog’s (Basil) birthday by giving him a party in the park with his dog friends and their parents. She orders dog biscuits and pizza, take your pick. Basil gets to dress up and Mary gets to throw a party—any excuse. It’s actually quite an event, Basil has about 20 friends and he looks cute with his balloons tied to his collar. I used to celebrate my cat Maguai’s birthday; she used to walk on a leash but wasn’t friendly with the dogs in the park and we never found any cat friends.
Some people name their cars/trucks and celebrate their birthdays. Some people celebrate their home’s birthday. Some celebrate the birth of the house and the death of the mortgage.

Maybe you’re adopted and have two sets of parents to thank. You can’t have too much love.
How about your business? Do you celebrate its birth and all the hard work you put into keeping it alive?

Every day I think, what can I give thanks for, what can I celebrate? I have two new kittens and have given them birthdates so we can celebrate. Spring is worth celebrating and so is the sun. How about to be alive and celebrate the day? If you’ve ever been really sick, you know what I mean.

I went to a workshop and they had us build a life chart on graph paper. The chart represented a carnival and the years used were considered rides. We were asked to chart our life from year one to the date of our probable death.. We then colored in the “rides” already taken and to compare them with the ones left. I used hot pink for the rides I had already enjoyed and left the others blank. Scary, there were fewer rides for the future. How many rides do you have left?

How many seasons do you have left to enjoy, how many vacations will you take?

Let your birthday be the reminder of who you are and those you love the most. Italian food and a movie with my friends suit me just fine. Hey enjoy the rides. Thank you all for the wonderful notes, cards and telephone calls. Today’s the day to thank you all for your support throughout the years. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I love you all.

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