What Lis Does

Workshops and Seminars

Lis is a frequent speaker at local and national conferences, workshops and seminars. She’s presented in front of groups ranging in number from five to several hundred, and always aims to help attendees get the most of the seminars.

Business Consulting & Consumer Research

With a background in customer service, Lis can help you find out what your business is doing right and what it can do better. She’s conducted focus groups with thousands of customers over the years to find out what they like or don’t like about a product or brand, and has overseen a number of objective, third-party customer surveys to find out exactly what the business’ clientele thinks about them. She’s found direct customer feedback to be the most valuable information a business owner can have.

Having founded and led her own businesses, Lis has the tools to help ascertain where your business is at in its growth, and what structural and strategic improvements can be made.

Online Marketing Consulting

Lis has immersed herself in the world of Internet Marketing since the rise of blogs and social networking sites, and has learned how to maximize their offerings for business success. With this expertise, she can help you leverage your existing marketing efforts with blogs, podcasts, video casts, e-mail marekting campaigns, social networking sites and more to help bring greater visibility to your brand.

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