Want to Do More Business? Consider Generation "G"


I came across a great article recently talking about the rise of Generation "G". They are the under-40s who belong to the video game generation. To quote Trendwatching:

Most people in this demographic grew up with games, and many of them still play now. They are familiar with gaming conventions relating to movement, exploration, cooperation, competition, and communication. Additionally, interaction with video games from an early age has created a foundation of familiarity and interest in computing technologies. 

So what sets this generation apart? The belief — or rather the hope — that this generation will change the era of greed that we've experienced over the last couple decades into that of generosity. To get a better sense of the background of this movement, I encourage you to read the article here.

Another great site that epitomizes the new focus on generosity is kiva.org. This is a site that's been getting more and more attention lately where anyone in the world can become — in a nutshell — a venture capitalist. How is it done? Someone with just $25 can help underwrite a business venture for someone in another country — typically a very poor country where $25 is worth more like $500. Kiva.org allows for regular people to contribute to businesses — usually single entrepreneurs selling flowers, bread, candy, etc. — to help them establish themselves further. You can track how that entrepreneur is doing and according to the site, 95% of the entrepreneurs pay their investors back. Investors have the option of donating the money as a gift as well. 

I think this venture is fantastic and shows what forms generosity — and capitalism — can take. Do you have any ideas as well or experiences about novel ways of giving or helping others? Drop me a line in the comments section!

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