Want to Build Your Business? Try Blogging

According to Technorati, there are 150,000 new blogs created each day. There must be some reason. Blogging is an economical way to build your business by interacting with your clients in a world wide forum. What better way for people to become familiar with you, your skills and to build your branding message than an online forum?

Let's not mix up blogging with Facebook and other social networking media; business blogging is not about your life – it's about what  makes your business powerful.

Customers who sign up get automatic updates and can interact with you and give you feedback on your ideas. According to Steve Broback, in his article The Business of Blogging, "Google loves blogs and they rank high in search results. Google has become every company's de facto homepage. Research shows most new visitors to a given company's site come through links from Google so your blog can greatly amplify your site's search engine results."

Many businesses have Web sites that are static and just sit. A blog will wake up your site, your customers and your employees, a place where, if the content is right, people will keep coming back for more. If you're saying the right thing you will be building your business and you will be in control of the content. Too many have their Web sites built and don't have any way or any know how to change the content or "fix" little glitches. If the site builders leave, We have a dead Web site with outdated information and graphics.

Want to get started but don't know how? Remarkablogger has helpful hints daily on how and what to write as well as new developments in the blogging field.

Go out and look at other blogs in your blogsphere; what are your competitors doing? What are other bloggers saying? Take a look at Christine Whittemore's Flooring the Consumer for a great example of a full-blown blog. Check out Talkfloor for some industry blogs.

Write about your industry, new products, your experience with products and installation. Ask your customers to comment on your products, what do they think? Eventually you will have a network of people who will be singing the praises of your business. Don't worry about negative comments, it happens to everyone, just fix whatever it is and vow to get better. A blog is like having a world wide consumer panel without the costs.

Ask an architect to comment on a product you recently recommended or a general contractor and his experience with your work crew or your salespeople. Blog about the price of raw materials and have your manufacturers comment.

Blogs are like a form of public relations for your business, one that you can easily control and use to your advantage.

Keep them short, to the point and give them good titles.

Let me know what you think. Will any of you out there be blogging tonight?

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