Try Networking at Your Nearest Real Estate Office

Lis-ladies My good friend Barbara Miller is an Associate Broker for Realty USA in Niskayuna, NY. Last year I asked her if any of the agents would be interested in information on flooring and receiving magazines from Fabulous Floors.  Barbara said she would discuss it with her team members and team leader Sharon Horowitz and let me know. Well it didn’t take long and there I was the following at an office sales meeting with about 30 people. I had about 45 minutes to catch everyone up on the what’s new in flooring and how Fabulous Floors might help them sell houses.  Yes, I was there to network and raise awareness for our magazine advertisers.

Lis-lady I was amazed at how interested everyone was and how many questions they asked. Many were interested in cork, bamboo and hardwood as well as what’s new in carpeting. I also got to listen to Donald LoFaso –  an account executive for 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Corporation.  He was very good, kept everyone’s attention and  had great products to talk about. I was amazed that under specific circumstances there were home warrantys available on workmanship as well as system and structural warrants.

Everyone was very gracious and what I realized was how hungry we all are for information and knowledge. We are an information society and keeping up with it takes lots of time and effort. Those who keep up with it are sure to be further ahead with the customers. Oh, and real estate offices are great places for you to network. You just need to make the calls and offer to do a presentation at their place of business.

Realty-man Why are they so valuable? They offer access to any client who buys a house from them. This would be a good time to find out if you could prepare a little goodie bag with products and literature for those homebuyers. Think of how much you have  to offer, information on all the latest products, literature from  vendors as well as  actual products. You can also talk about the latest colors and style trends.

Supply the agents  with information on maintenance, as well as samples of floor cleaners and spot removers.

Don’t forget these people are in a position to refer business as well as “be business.” Stay in touch. Make sure you get all the agents and brokers names. Send them notes, remember them at holidays and invite them to your functions. And most important, ask them how you can help them get business. We all know business is a two way street — you have to give to get.

If the office puts out a newsletter, offer to write an article on flooring.

Happy networking!

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  1. do you happen to have any properties that a non-profit could get with a 501c3 the property will be use to assist veterans in transitional and emergency housing if you do not have this type of service for non-profits could you please refer me to some other realtor that I might be able to work with on assisting homelessness and homeless veterans

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