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The right training program should never be a net cost to your organization.​

Instead, it should provide a measurable positive return on your investment in increased productivity, higher sales and profits, improved employee retention, and lower overall costs.

As a business owner, why would you want to have a mediocre company and ineffective employees? Training helps employees understand themselves better and what they must do to succeed and perform at their highest level.

The goal of any business should be to give their employees the skills they need to perform their best. Some training is better than others, and just because they enjoyed the training doesn’t mean they learned the material or mastered the concept.

Why Waste Your Money?

Training evaluation is essential. If you can evaluate the process, you will know if you accomplished what you set out to do. You can also refine your processes to make continual changes.

But that requires using the right tools to measure both the goals and the achievements.

“What gets measured gets improved.” Some training is definitely better than others, as are evaluation methods. You can use effectiveness metrics to refine what’s working well and what isn’t. 

Just because people are taught doesn’t mean they’ve learned what they were taught, or are using the skills.

Live and in-Person training

Whether for your entire company, a team or individuals, or an hour, a day or longer, choose one of our training programs, workshops or seminars from our catalog or we can design a custom training session tailored to fit your company, organization or association’s specific needs and goals. Available as a separate offer or as part of our coaching and strategy packages.  Currently offering in person or live online as desired.

ONline, anytime

My Fire Up Your Success Learning Academy is available online, anytime. Our catalog of available courses is constantly growing and expanding, and provides a highly cost-effective way for individuals to get top quality sales, customer experience, management and general business training from an industry expert, or for companies to offer easily trackable ongoing education for their team members. 

Training Metrics and Evaluation are the Keys to Success

The bottom line is, it’s all about the bottom line! What has the training accomplished; then you will know what’s working and what needs to be fixed. Measuring your training effectiveness can help you prove the ROI (return on investment) of your program. 

It’s difficult to argue against increased revenue, growth and more sales.

Areas of Expertise

Sales Strategies

Why keep bad sales people?​

With today's savvy customers, professional sales skills are more important than ever. My solutions focus on the basics that result in increased sales: building rapport, closing the sale, and how to build repeat business.

Customer Experience Optimization

Why is the customer experience essential?

Today's consumer carefully evaluates what they spend and who they spend it with. My job? To teach your team how to make your guests feel welcomed and honored in every experience, ensuring they spend their time and money at your business.

Flooring Industry Training

Does product knowledge really matter?​

Customers only buy features that benefit them. My solution? To train sales professionals on how to ask the right questions and to develop the necessary product knowledge to provide the customer with exactly what they need and close the sale.

Fire Up Your Success!

with Lisbeth Calandrino

Online customer experience and sales success training academy.

How to Measure Training Effectiveness

You can simply manage the effectiveness if you put some consideration and planning into the process.


  1. What results are you looking for; how would you know the training is successful
  2. What would success look like? Let’s say you need $5000 more in business per week, you can determine how many more sales each person should produce.
  3. Define the training components. If it’s sales, determine the components that need to be taught. This could be developing rapport, overcoming objections, follow-up and more.
  4. Gather baseline data for each metric you’ll measure. “How will you know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve started?”
  5. During training, administer quizzes to see if people are learning.
  6. After training, measure immediately to see what’s learned and then several weeks later.
  7. Individualized coaching. Are there some people who would benefit from individualized coaching such as your managers so they will be better internal trainers?

Books to Set Your Sales on Fire!

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I personally have found your training beneficial and constantly refer to your presentation when speaking with and training the staff. Your points are easy to recall and easy to implement in everyday situations

Karen LaBerge, President

Albany Management

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