The Scarcity Mentality

"Be serious."

"Take yourself seriously."

These are messages that we get as children. Somehow or other, being taken seriously seems to be linked to success. As a child, thinking "seriously" made things more difficult for me. Like many of us, I found my childhood lacking and incomplete–a childhood of scarcity, not of things but of feelings. I felt a need to be guarded — to always want more. These thoughts brought more thoughts and somehow the basis for a scarcity mentality. Armed with this, I took to humor to make light of things so as to not focus on the pain–real or imagined. I've since come to see humor as a tool that can be used for success. Think about who you admire for their sense of humor, or for their perspective and ability to see things in a different light.

3 thoughts on “The Scarcity Mentality”

  1. Scarcity may be the best dose of medicine for our (my generation) attitude of constant consumerism that has become out of control. I think LESS is MORE! I love to use less, loose less and worry less! I am thankful for less!

  2. Hi Stephanie, You’re right about “the generations”–more is more. My parents grew up with less, it was the way things were rather than a choice. I noticed as they grew older it really didn’t change. Unfortunately or fortunately it’s likely that we will have less. But I’m with you, it feels good to manage less. And having less does not mean things are not available, it’s a choice.
    My best, Lisbeth

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