The Oprah Effect and the Power of a Mentor

In May of 2007 Oprah Winfrey helped Barack Obama get his campaign off the ground. I'm a news junkie and back then even I didn't know who Obama was. Not everyone was happy about her endorsement, and there were plenty of blogs talking about how she "sold out." Apparently, Oprah felt it was her time to stand up for what she believed in, despite any potential backlash.

Two economics students at the University of Maryland did some research, and to be honest I'm not exactly sure how they measured this, but their conclusion pretty much said that Oprah's endorsement was worth about a million votes. (Full PDF of the report available here.)

Which brings me to the power of your mentor.

Mentors are out there for everyone — you just have to ask. To get going, who do you know who can help you further your career? On the flip-side, is there someone you would like to help?

It's really a two way street, the mentor may not need anything but the expectation that you will live up to who you say you are. Remember, mentors that have clout are concerned about their own reputations. Do what you say.

To be a mentor is a privilege; to support those who are on their way with an important message to the world.

Maybe there is a trade for the mentor; don't be afraid to ask what it is.

Two powerful people can get more done than one powerful person.

Are you exerting your power? Are you making a difference?

What do you think about being a mentor or mentoring? Let me know what you think and your ideas about mentoring or coaching. I look forward to your comments.

2 thoughts on “The Oprah Effect and the Power of a Mentor”

  1. Mentors are a must, my mentors are why I own my own business right now. Although I do not have one now, I try to use Zig, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, John Maxwell etc.. to help me.

  2. Karen, thank you for your post on using mentors.
    Prior to going to college, my study habits weren’t the best and I didn’t feel like I was very smart. After my second year of college a professor by the name of Dr. Ho asked me to stay after class so he could speak to me. He said you are very smart and you should go to graduate school. After that short conversation my whole attitude changed and after graduating I went off to graduate school.
    It doesn’t take much does it? Just someone to support you.
    I’m curious as to how you got connected with the people you mentioned? Is it reading their books or personal connections?
    The people you mentioned are the best in the business.

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