Take it From Me; if You Don’t Risk Something, Nothing will Happen

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The simple man says, "take the risk." Josh Wight in Business, Life.
The simple man says, “take the risk.” Josh Wight in Business, Life.
I was having a meeting with Bethany Gonyea while she was talking about her baby, “The Albany Peace Project.” This is a long term risk but it’s what she lives for.
She was discussing it with a passion that I haven’t seen or felt in a long time. Her face was bright; her smile was real, and her enthusiasm was amazing. I began to think, do I have that feeling? I know for years I was passionate about working; it didn’t matter what I was doing, and I enjoy accomplishing things. I’m not becoming more discriminatory, achieving doesn’t get it anymore. In fact, many things feel like diversions; diversions from my real self.
Have you ever felt that way? Going through the ‘have to-do lists of life and not feeling the same sense of accomplishment? Is it likely that our ideas and things that make us happy have changed? Noticing that time is flying by, and I want to spend as much as I can do things that really give me pleasure. I used to fill over with blog material and looked forward to writing. These days it seems to be more difficult. Actually, I think my focus has changed. Topics about life seem to be more fulfilling than writing about business. Then I think that life, and business are really one in the same.  To be successful in business you must have good life skills. The first one is a passion for whatever you’re doing.
I know am asking myself, what about life is exciting, what do I need to experience? I need an adventure.
Is an adventure a different country, learn a new skill, take a course? I think it’s all of those.
I’m noticing I haven’t been acting on my ‘hunches.’ A hunch is just one of those things that come from your unconscious mind; it means taking a risk.
Why am I not taking risks? Actually, I don’t feel comfortable, unless I’m taking them—maybe that’s what’s wrong. Am I afraid of rejection? I guess it depends on the risk. By the way, if you’re interested in why we’re so worried about rejection and what to do about it, look for my article in Floor Covering News in two weeks, “How About Using Psychology and “Rejection Therapy’” to Overcome Salespeople’s Fear of Closing the Sale.” The fear of rejection goes way beyond sales.
I’m back to my premise; I need an adventure. Stay tuned and thanks to all of you who send me notes and have been following me for years. It’s nice to know you’re out there![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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