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1 06, 2012

Is it Possible We Think Too Much?

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Is thinking good?A friend of mine said that I thought a lot. I didn’t ask what he meant I just thought everyone did. Maybe they don’t .

Could it be that most people don’t think?  Spending time thinking is one of the great past times of life, isn’t it?

I had a therapist who once said you can’t get chocolate milk from a turnip field. Now, she was talking about relationships — but the rest of life is like that too.

Think about business; it doesn’t happen from your living room or your showroom. It comes from you thinking about it and then making it happen. Wondering how everyone is getting business won’t help you unless you go talk to them and find out what they know that you don’t. Relationships don’t happen in your living room either.

Thinking everyone knows more than you won’t help either.  Don’t you remember friends from your school who were smarter than you and didn’t become much? I have a better story about Jim Deitz; I’ve changed his name to protect him from all of us trying to find him. Remember when they asked you in high school what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, Jim said he didn’t want to work and wasn’t planning to. That didn’t make him very popular with the girls or the teachers. Well, the short of the long story is he didn’t work, or at least not like the rest of us, and he became a millionaire.  Winning was his plan and he bought lottery tickets every day. It was his plan for 10 years. It looks like he thought about it.

What motivates us? Could it be thinking? Here’s a good blog post from the Harvard Business Review about motivation.

Maybe it’s better you think alone. And sure as heck, don’t discuss your hair-brained schemes with others. What’s hair-brained to one is a fortune to another? When I was breaking up with a boyfriend some time ago he reminded me of my hair-brained schemes; somehow he forgot I was supporting myself with those schemes!  A scheme to one is a plan to another.

Remember Mark Victor Hansen, and Chicken Soup for the Soul? As the rumor goes, his book was turned down 63 times before it was published.  So he went out and asked all those who contributed stories to his book to commit to buying a bunch of books prior to publication. By the time he was done, he had enough prior sales that he was into his second publication! What publisher wouldn’t want that deal?

I took a class on book publishing and the first thing the instructor said was, if you have a following it doesn’t matter how bad the book is — they’ll buy it because it’s yours.

Don’t ask what other people think, who cares what they think? Could it be we spend too much time worrying about what other people think and not enough about what we think? As they say in North Dakota, and recently in Alaska, “you betcha.”

Excuse me while I go back and think some more. I’m not sure about what but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Lisbeth Calandrino helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers through customer service and sales training. Need a speaker? She can be reached at [email protected]. Lis is also the co-author of CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM!  Learn more at (publisher: Viva Editions).  


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1 06, 2011


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Where is your luck?Are things not going your way? Are you out of luck? Someone said to me, “All I need is a little luck.” It reminded me of the lottery commercial with the tiny guy who calls himself “a little bit of luck.” I decided to think about luck.

Last week I went to a tag sale and found the perfect leather bound small suitcase. I had been looking for one to use as a cabinet in my bathroom. I saw one in an antique store and I loved it but it was too expensive.  The woman at the tag sale had three to sell, all different sizes but didn’t want to split them up. (I’m not sure why I didn’t buy all three, I could have probably resold the other two.) The key to this story is they were  perfect and it was lucky that I found them but despite my bit of luck I didn’t purchase them. Sometimes we just don’t recognize luck.

I left the woman my name and  told her I would call her on Monday and if they weren’t sold maybe she would work a deal for me. This is what I call, “pushing your luck.”

Monday came and went and I finally called her on Tuesday.  She laughed and said she had waited for me to call on Monday because she still had the suitcases. Unfortunately since she hadn’t heard from me she sold them  10 minutes ago to someone else for 1/2 the price. Luck was with me in both instances and I didn’t jump. I asked myself, do I ignore luck? I can’t go home and say I lost out, luck had given me the chance. 

Luck is always with us; sometimes in disguise. It’s up to us to look at situations and ask ourselves the question, is this the luck I’ve been looking for? Or are you filled with self-doubt and wouldn’t know luck if you fell over it? Luck may be a chance meeting with an interesting person but you don’t get their name. We have a column in our local newspaper called “chance meeting.”  It’s where people describe their “sightings” of beautiful people who they’ve fallen in love with from afar.  Of course they never approached  their new love and went   away with terrible feelings of longing. And then what do they do? They put an ad in the “chance meeting,” describing the place, day and circumstances surrounding their nonexistent encounter. It seems they’ve missed their simple luck and now they’re looking for a miracle. 

I believe luck is all around us but you must look. My friend who religiously shops tag sales buying jewelry finally found a 10 carat diamond ring  with a platinum setting! For years he has buying piles of old jewelry with the hopes he would  have a little luck. Last week he got it. How did he find his luck, he kept looking.

My grandfather used to tell me the story about the lucky seed that fell from the farmer’s cart into a pile of dirt and was transformed into a beautiful plant. (Watch the video of the English story.) I was amazed as he described all of the wonderful happenings to these simple seeds. Maybe we’re all lucky seeds just waiting for a place to land. A place to be nurtured and transformed into something magnificant. The secret, you must supply  your own magic dirt.

Luck is always with us. You must be open enough to let it in; open enough to decide that everyday will bring you luck if you look for it. Making your own luck is often about connections. Is it being in the right place at the right time? Or is every place the right place?

Occurences are always happening. Consider Murphy’s Law, which states”what can go wrong will go wrong.” Where’s the one that states: “What will go right will go right?” Maybe we’ll have to make that one up. Joining things together will increase their meaning, relevance and usefulness if you consider what is called “the law of connectivity.”

The process of  connectivity or linking includes asking yourself: how do these two things connect to my life? Or how is a butterfly connected to the storm? In order for luck to occur you will have to “stop and explore” and then ask yourself the question.

There is a term called “metaphorming”; and is derived from the  Greek words meta (transcending) and phor (transference.) It begins with transferring new meanings and associations from one object or idea ot another. Todd Siler wrote a wonderful book called, “Think Like a Genius” and talks about the value of metaphorming.  It’s not a new word to describe thinking, it’s a deeper way of thinking and creating things. In times of strife or disturbance our minds often shut down, we get the “deer in the headlight” look instead of wondering, “how might these things be connected?” Or how will these two events help me?

Try it, go out and find yourself some luck. If your business  is causing the problem ask yourself, is this problem “bad luck” or “good luck” in disguise? Can this event bring me good luck? Follow your instincts, engage in a chance meeting and always remember that luck is just wating to be found. 

Remember Pablo Picasso’s lifelong aspiration was to ceate like a child, which meant returning  to the original wellspring of creativity. In describing his creative  process, he said, “I do not seek: I find.”

What are you waiting for? Luck is probably waiting for your out your front door. I’m off to have lunch and see if my luck is in my friend’s coffee shop.

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