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2 12, 2014

4 Ways to Transition Your Salespeople from Employees to Business Partners

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EmployeesIt appears that the country is trying to instill an entrepreneurial attitude into all of us. With many of the traditional high-paying jobs disappearing, we find ourselves in a quandary.

There are many people who were fortunate enough, often without much education, to move into jobs that paid well and provided a good retirement. It would appear that many of these jobs have disappeared. In addition, consumers have transferred much of their trust from the salesperson to the Internet. The role of the salesperson has been altered.

Salespeople have long been in a position to provide important product and service information to inquiring customers. Now, customers ask their friends or get information from many social media outlets. Let’s face it: A good salesperson has to think differently now. Salespeople are still part of the equation but must see themselves as more than salespeople. Having an entrepreneurial spirt will help.

As entrepreneurs, we are always looking for ways to find new business and come up with new ideas, and we realize that we can make or break a business. A successful entrepreneur is always looking for ways to understand his or her customers and find ways to become a trusted confidant.

I believe that anyone who receives compensation for a job is a partner. Many people often say, “I just work here,” implying that they have no say or effect on the business. These days, everyone needs to realize they have an effect on the business, and the customer certainly does care what they have to say.

Whether it is online or in the store, customers are seeking them out for advice, information and as a connection. Changing the salesperson’s role will have a tremendous effect on your business.

Here are some thoughts on how to take the employee-employer relationship you currently have and forge it into a new partnership:

  1. Ask your salespeople daily about their customers. What did they find out, what do they know and what changes do they think you should make in your business? Learning how to be inquisitive is one of the skills that should be taught. More than ever, it’s important to know how the customers got into your store and how the Internet has affected their decision to purchase.
  2. Encourage salespeople to seek new ways of engaging customers—new ones as well as existing ones. It’s likely that the satisfied customer will be your link to your next customer, since 90 percent of your business is from referrals.
  3. Engage and teach your salespeople skills that will help them connect with their customers. These days, whoever gets to the customer first will probably win. Getting there first means getting to them before they get into your store. Once they’ve connected to the customer, the salesperson must be building a marketing plan to stay in touch and link to the next customer.
  4. Determine what tools your salespeople will need in order to continue to become the customer’s partner. Will it be contests, holding events in your store or writing a blog to engage the customer?

All of our roles have changed; it’s no more business as usual. A partnership implies helping each other achieve goals and bringing more talent and expertise to the table. How will this work in your business?

Lisbeth Calandrino has been providing consulting and training for businesses for over 20 years. If you would like to book a consultation or have her speak with your team, reach her at 518-495-5380.

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17 02, 2014

Join Me In Calhoun, Georgia for Mohawk’s Comprehensive Flooring Sales Training

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Mohawk University

  • Are you wondering how the internet and social media have changed the sales process?
  • Have you noticed that it takes longer for the customer to buy?
  • Are you wondering what has changed about customer service and why customers are more difficult?

The 4 day Comprehensive Flooring Sales Training  is Mohawk University’s most popular course held in Calhoun, GA. This course identifies and covers the key topics that every retail salesperson should understand. Topics such as product knowledge,  sales,  measuring and color training. Take advantage of the opportunity to train your salespeople on all of the keys to successful selling in the retail flooring industry.

“I’m excited to be part of this program. I will be presenting an update on the sales-process and how the internet is affecting the sales process. Space is limited to 35 people. This is just a last minute shout out so if you’re interested you should register now.”

Class Includes: four nights’ stay, transportation to/from the Atlanta Airport and to/from class, lunch daily and dinner for three nights.

February 25-28, 2014 Calhoun, GA

Register Now

For more information call:

Destiny Spears
Residential Marketing/Mohawk University
Business Development Associate
Ph: 1-800-241-4494 x 42420
Fax: 1-706-624-2420
Email: [email protected]

Lisbeth Calandrino has been providing sales and customer service training to the floor covering industry for over 25 years. She can be reached at [email protected]


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16 06, 2013

Stay Tuned for Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp

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Entrepreneur Boot Camp Coming Your Way

**By the way, Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is not just for new business owners. It’s a good update for those already in business.

What is an Entrepreneur’s Boot camp?

 The series will provide a framework for those considering starting their own business. It is also for those looking for ways to kick their business up to another notch.

From “Worms to the World”

Lisbeth Calandrino calls herself a “serial’ ‘entrepreneur having started when she was 8 years old with a fishing worm business and presently associate publisher of international magazine, Fabulous Floors.

Business was imprinted from an early age after spending time with family members who owned restaurants and construction companies. Lisbeth realized she had a ‘knack’ for understanding business and went on to study psychology and communications. As a business coach, Lisbeth helps entrepreneurs focus and evaluate their business while providing unusual insights and marketing strategies.

You will go home with what are known as “Gorilla” or “Streetwise”   approaches to growing and maintaining a profitable business.

The course will be offered for two hours a week for six week and will cover the following:

Week One: Upping Your Game. Understanding your unique brand and what gives you a competitive advantage is the foundation for a successful business. You must know who you really are and who your target customer is.

Week Two: Making your Business Memorable. Price is rarely a competitive advantage and without differentiation, customers focus on your price. Understand how The Lowe’s Companies managed to distinguish themselves from the ‘big boys’, The Home Depot and make a place for themselves in a commodity market.

Week Three: 80% of Customers don’t Complain-they just go away mad. The trick is to keep your customers through ‘keeping in touch’ through various channels. You will go away with several tools to keep you in the game.

Week Four: The New Sales Strategy: Customer Service. Ten years ago, growing your business depended on having great salespeople. The internet has changed how customers are obtaining business and need more sophisticated, web savvy salespeople.

Week Five: The Social Media Strategy Revolution.  You don’t have to be rich to join into the new communication but you must understand how businesses are competing and what you need to do to win your share of business.

Week Six: Retention Marketing: the Key to Keeping Customers. 80% of your business will come from referrals, how will you determine which customers are worth keeping? Class will be held at Rensselaer High School (room TBD)

Instructor: Lisbeth Calandrino. Lisbeth calls herself a “serial entrepreneur”, having been in business since 9 years old. She is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs focus and evaluate their business while providing unusual insights and marketing strategies. She is also associate publisher of the international magazine Fabulous Floors.

Mondays, September 16-October 21 (No class October 14, will be held Tuesday October 15) 6:30-8:30 p.m., Driving directions to Rensselaer High School, Rensselaer, New York 12144.

(Sept. 16, 23, 30, Oct. 7, 15, 21)

Cost: $64.oo for 6 weeks.

To Register: Pam Mertz, Questar, 518-479-6869.

For more information: [email protected]. 518-495-5380.

Lisbeth helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers through customer service and sales training. She is presently working on online video training.

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2 03, 2012

Selling is About Passion, Not About Sales

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Passion gets the job doneThe other day I met a personal trainer who was telling me about her profession. She was in great shape and obviously lived her profession.

“I love it she said, but they want me to sell it to people in the health club. In fact they want me to interrupt people who are working out and tell them about the personal training program.”

So what’s wrong with that I asked?” To which she replied, “I don’t want to bother them!”

I started thinking, how can someone love what they do and not want to share it with others? Have you ever seen a movie or read a book that made you so excited  you had to  share it with others? Did you worry they “wouldn’t buy it?” After you explained the movie all your friends  wanted to see it.  Why, because you weren’t selling the movie, you were selling passion and excitement.

 I asked if she thought what she did  was important, to which she again replied, “Of course I do .” She gave lip service to her passion, but somehow the possibility of connecting her passion with others didn’t exist.

Many salespeople are under the misconception that sales is about getting someone to do something or buy something because the salesperson wants them to. In this day and age, do people buy because the salesperson “makes wants them to?” I don’t think so.

No wonder salespeople don’t like selling; of course they feel “pushy.” Frankly, I think they have it all wrong.

When you believe passionately about your service or your product, why not share it with the world? If your service can change a life, unleash a passion, or build self-esteem why not share it? Maybe it’s not about selling, maybe it’s about “connecting” with others. It’s not about the product it’s about self-understanding and an ability to connect with another human.

Maybe people just don’t understand why people buy. People don’t buy because the product is irresistible, they buy because it feels a need in their soul or in their life. My friend was telling me about Oprah Winfrey attending one of Tony Robbin’s events ;while she’s there she does the unthinkable, she walks the hot coals. Despite all her experience and  self-understanding, she feels that walking the coals will do something for her her life.

How does this happen? Something that Tony Robbins said sparked a nerve in Oprah, one that said, “there’s more to life than what you have.” (Now I’m projecting what I think was going on in her head.)

Would you have tried to sell Oprah a walk on hot coals? Would you have thought this was something Oprah would have considered or would move her soul? Not me; that’s why I’m not as successful as Tony Robbins, I wouldn’t have thought of calling Oprah! (Maybe I should  go “walk the coals!”)

I’m sure Oprah didn’t do it because it was something to do; somewhere she made a connection with Tony which motivated her to take a risk. Tony’s passion and enthusiasm is catching, and Oprah  caught it. Whatever he had she wanted.

Why don’t salespeople get it? Some of the people with the best products hold themselves back with silly statements like “I can’t sell.” I think the problem is how we train salespeople; we talk about “closing, getting people to buy, making money” instead of understanding their gifts,  passions and value. According to the article on “value,” Steve Pavlina says that a speaker’s value lies in their ability to change the way people think in a very short period of time, sometimes permanently. That is a powerful statement. Isn’t this just another way to deliver the best customer service? Give the customer a way to get what they want.

Want to be a great salesperson? Instead of selling focus on believing in  your value.

Lisbeth Calandrino is know for her passion and ability to transfer her passions to others. To get a taste of her passion, download her book “Brain Snacks” which is available as a free download  for signing up for her blog.

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30 12, 2011

What’s Going on With Retail?

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