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22 06, 2015

Does Motivation Have Anything to do With Success?

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Motivational Matrix, Dr. Jim Taylor

People talk about ‘getting motivated’ but how does that relate to their success?  I always thought that motivation was the key to success but now I’m not sure. I think the equation is much more complicated. Motivation is only a small part of being successful.  Have you ever said, “I feel really motivated to get some work done,” and then gone to take a nap?

Motivation or the desire to get things done is one of the first steps to success. The bottom line is it takes hard work to get it done. I’m not talking about the work that you do every day, i.e. going to your job,  putting gas in your car,   and cleaning the house, etc. I’m talking about what you do after that stuff is done. Success will come when you’re focusing on that special dream or goal. It could be losing weight or getting fit. They require your ability to ‘get it done’ no matter how you’re feeling.

Writing for Psychology Today, Dr. Jim Taylor defines motivation as “being able to work hard in the face of obstacles, boredom, fatigue, stress, and the desire to do other things.” Each person has a different motivation that drives them toward success. Dr. Taylor illustrates this with the motivation matrix, which breaks down motivation along two dimensions: external vs. internal and negative vs. positive. Each combination—internal-positive, external-positive, internal-negative and external-negative—can provide sufficient motivation to net you success.

The carrot or the stick?

The carrot or the stick?

Does your style of motivation work?

Will it give you the drive, planning skills and sacrifice you will need to stay the course?

Will it give you the ability to work when you’re sick?

What about turning off the Golf Channel?

Are you able to say no to a party invitation because your ‘work of success’ isn’t finished?

What will you say to your friends when the call you a ‘workaholic?’

Can you sacrifice that special brownie your girlfriend made so you can stay on your diet?

Does giving up one day mean giving up forever?

Confronting the obstacles before you get started is one way to help keep you on track. We’ve all fallen off the ‘success wagon’ but the smart ones get right back up.


Lisbeth has been teaching businesses how to improve their customer service and the customer experience for over 20 years. To schedule a consultation or have her speak at your business, reach her at [email protected] If she’s not in her office, she can often be found mornings at the YMCA in East Greenbush, New York. 

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8 11, 2014

Getting Unstuck in Life: Advice from Someone Who’s Been There

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50 Ways to get Unstuck

50 Ways to get Unstuck

I recently wrote a book, “Birds Don’t Get Caught in Flypaper: 50 Ways to Get Unstuck in Life.” I wrote the book as I was reflecting on where, in my life, I had gotten stuck over the years. Rather than forgetting those tough points, it’s important to keep track of them.

If you start taking a closer look at all those sticky points, it’s likely there is a connection between all of them. While I was writing the book, I realized a common theme: Many of the events that I had once viewed as conflicts – were conflicts that didn’t really exist! Wow, won’t that keep you from moving forward.

Let’s use, for example, your need to be accepted and liked. You might not want to admit it – or maybe you don’t even realize it – but it likely permeates every decision in your life. Rather than take on an injustice to yourself or someone else, you find ways to make excuses – well-sounding ones for sure – that’ll get you away from conflict.

I was talking to an electrician friend of mine the other day about a problem. (I think it had something to do with where to hold a birthday party and what to bring.) He said I should stay away from such conflicts. I didn’t even see it as a conflict; I saw it as something that needed to be discussed.

A birthday party sounds like it should be a piece of cake (pun intended), but it was quickly becoming a major event, with the drama centering on who would have the best idea and who would appear to have done the most work. Frankly, I didn’t have time to do all the work, and I knew the person would just be happy that someone had done it for her. Things sure do get gritty, though, don’t they?

Getting unstuck is not that hard.

Getting unstuck is not that hard.

I hope you’re not one of those who like being stuck. You’re probably asking, “Who would like that?” but getting stuck is easier than you might think. Not being stuck means taking responsibility for every move you make and leaving nothing to chance. Every trip to the mailbox, to the grocery store or even across the street has meaning. I have learned there is great value in not only what I do but also why it do it.

We all have a face that we want the world to see, and we go to great lengths to protect it. We never want to look out of character for ourselves. If we want to appear organized and someone comes to our house while it’s in disarray, we get upset. We might even put it back on the person knocking on the door by saying, “It’s more polite if you call.” It’s harsh, I know, but I had a close relative who felt this way.

Many of us who need to be liked already realize it, but instead of dealing with it, we become defiant. I love that word: defiant.
Defiance is a mechanism people use to make other people think they are independent. The problem is that they wind up being defiant in situations that make no sense. Here’s a great story to illustrate my point: My cousin said her mom saved every nickel for her when she was growing up, and since she couldn’t get all the things she wanted growing up, she was going to spend it all! She couldn’t have what she wanted then, so she was determined to get it now.

So what’s your story? Take down some notes, and recreate the chapters to bring you success.

To have Lisbeth talk with your team or book a free consultation, call 518-495-5380, EST. “Birds Don’t Get Caught in Flypaper, 50 Ways to Get Unstuck in Life” is available at Amazon.

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1 06, 2012

Is it Possible We Think Too Much?

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Is thinking good?A friend of mine said that I thought a lot. I didn’t ask what he meant I just thought everyone did. Maybe they don’t .

Could it be that most people don’t think?  Spending time thinking is one of the great past times of life, isn’t it?

I had a therapist who once said you can’t get chocolate milk from a turnip field. Now, she was talking about relationships — but the rest of life is like that too.

Think about business; it doesn’t happen from your living room or your showroom. It comes from you thinking about it and then making it happen. Wondering how everyone is getting business won’t help you unless you go talk to them and find out what they know that you don’t. Relationships don’t happen in your living room either.

Thinking everyone knows more than you won’t help either.  Don’t you remember friends from your school who were smarter than you and didn’t become much? I have a better story about Jim Deitz; I’ve changed his name to protect him from all of us trying to find him. Remember when they asked you in high school what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, Jim said he didn’t want to work and wasn’t planning to. That didn’t make him very popular with the girls or the teachers. Well, the short of the long story is he didn’t work, or at least not like the rest of us, and he became a millionaire.  Winning was his plan and he bought lottery tickets every day. It was his plan for 10 years. It looks like he thought about it.

What motivates us? Could it be thinking? Here’s a good blog post from the Harvard Business Review about motivation.

Maybe it’s better you think alone. And sure as heck, don’t discuss your hair-brained schemes with others. What’s hair-brained to one is a fortune to another? When I was breaking up with a boyfriend some time ago he reminded me of my hair-brained schemes; somehow he forgot I was supporting myself with those schemes!  A scheme to one is a plan to another.

Remember Mark Victor Hansen, and Chicken Soup for the Soul? As the rumor goes, his book was turned down 63 times before it was published.  So he went out and asked all those who contributed stories to his book to commit to buying a bunch of books prior to publication. By the time he was done, he had enough prior sales that he was into his second publication! What publisher wouldn’t want that deal?

I took a class on book publishing and the first thing the instructor said was, if you have a following it doesn’t matter how bad the book is — they’ll buy it because it’s yours.

Don’t ask what other people think, who cares what they think? Could it be we spend too much time worrying about what other people think and not enough about what we think? As they say in North Dakota, and recently in Alaska, “you betcha.”

Excuse me while I go back and think some more. I’m not sure about what but I’m sure I’ll find something.

Lisbeth Calandrino helps businesses build loyal relationships with their customers through customer service and sales training. Need a speaker? She can be reached at [email protected]. Lis is also the co-author of CONTAGIOUS OPTIMISM!  Learn more at (publisher: Viva Editions).  


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25 09, 2011

Why Would You Only Want To Eat Chinese Food?

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"People are all different"I have been using BEST Instruments as a way to help individuals understand how they communicate and what they can do to be more versatile and effective in their jobs. The tests are simple but very telling.  It’s amazing how a 15 minute “quiz” can be so revealing. It is a way to understand yourself and those around you.

The key is learning how to value each other and  realize that each employee has their own assets and should be developed, leveraged and shared  throughout the company. This way people learn from each other and feel valued. By understanding your employees a company can create a highly motivated group who will continually exceed your company’s expectations.

One of the things that was brought to my attention was  that everyone in the room was similar in personality style. The person in charge said to me, it’s because the person doing the  hiring is choosing people just like himself.  This is not uncommon because people hire people who make them feel comfortable. Someone who understands team dynamics and how businesses work realizes that diversity is important. If you’re going to meet the diverse needs of your customers you will need different types of sales people. My father used to say “People are all different and they like it that way!” In other words, don’t try to make everyone the same.

Change is what’s happening!

This is no time to keep the status quo!

If you’re not changing your competitor is and taking your customer with them!

Sure you may have to be more understanding with people different than yourself but consider another point of view as a gift.

It’s like eating Chinese food your whole life and finding out that Italian food is just as good–if not better! How will you know unless you try it?  Life is for testing and trying not for staying safe.



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23 10, 2010

You Never Know Where A “Cat-astropic” Event Can Lead

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Cats don't kill people (or dogs) guns doIt was reported that two kittens, Snowyday and Winter somehow dented the bell on a $5000.00 bass trombone.

Trouble in river city.

How did they do it? They probably used a  a chair. The owner, Anthony Giles, a professional trombone player, felt dented, just like the bell but unexpected events often lead us to new discoveries and new ideas.

Did  Edison really sit on the light bulb to create its unique shape? The best brass repair guy was called in New York City. Everyone knows  The Brasslab, Chuck Alexander, the master of Red Hot Customer Service. The “bone” was packed up for its trip to New York City.

An immediate diagnosis indicated that the bell needed to stay for  repair. This is not good. So, the trombone player, Anthony Giles went searching through through his “spare bells” an