Not Knowing the Trends Will Kill Your Business

Lately I’ve received many calls from panicked customers along the lines of what should I do with my business, I don’t think I can make it? This prompted me to reach back into my 30 year-old Rolodex to make some phone calls.
Thirty years ago I knew who to call. Yesterday I wasn’t so sure. Much to my surprise, the contacts hadn’t changed. Planned Furniture Promotions, an affiliate of Gene Rosenberg Associates, is very much in business. Since 1962 Gene Rosenberg Associates has been considered to be one of most professional and best known promotional specialists in the country. My contact this time was Burt Homonoff, Partner and Vice President of Operations. With so many furniture companies going out of business, the last ones that came to mind for me were Levitz and Wickes Furniture. From what I’ve read, Levitz, at the time of their closing, had 80 stores and had been in business for 100 years.