Customer Service

Are BSOs Running Your Business?

Are you running after BSOs (Bright Shiny Objects) rather than sticking with the tried and true strategies that built your business? If your strategy revolves around your past customers, it still works; it just may need an update. There’s no need to change your strategy in midstream. I know customer service might sound boring to some of you, but great customer service still works. The words are the same but the stakes are higher and what passes as customer service is passé.

So What and Who Cares!?

I don’t know how many of you remember or have seen the reruns of Ernestine, the silly Switchboard Operator who couldn’t get anything straight… but we liked her!
Customer service alive or dead has prompted many of you to respond. A good friend of mine and prominent Canadian businessperson sent me this felonious report. Apparently my friend has been doing business with this well known Canadian manufacturer of flooring products for 30 plus years.

Differentiation Builds Your Competitive Advantage and Delivers Customer Service

Differentiation Builds Your Competitive Advantage and Delivers Customer Service
My definition of customer service is giving the customer more than then they expect, i.e. Red Hot Customer Service. That’s exactly what JetBlue did Friday, October 30th at JFK International Airport. Customers going through the terminal dressed in costume could show off their dance moves at the first-ever silent Halloween Eve disco. Friday I receive an excited call from Elin, designer supreme at Leader Carpet telling me about the event in J.F.K. Airport.

Are Your Satisfied Customers Putting You Out of Business?

According to a study conducted by two professors from Vanderbilt University, up to 40% of satisfied customers do not return to those businesses who gave them the satisfactory service.
This means that almost half their customers wind up missing in action.
How would they know if they’re missing?
They probably wouldn’t, because most businesses don’t track lost customers or try to find out where these customers went.

Look Mom, no Hands!

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