Sell Anything, Anywhere, Anytime—Awesome Customer Service

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Are you ready?

Are you ready to sell?

I just finished reading an article titled “Mobility Means Wal-Mart can sell you tooth paste at a bus stop” by Steve Smith. It started me thinking, basically if your business is ‘mobile ready’ you can always be in front of a customer. I was in a restaurant yesterday, and I realized that over half the people were looking at their smart phones. I asked myself, what are they looking at? Customer service means giving the customer what they want, and yes, this is what they want. Customers want to be connected 24/7.


I decided to find out so I  approached a dozen or more people, told them I was doing a blog, and asked what they were looking at. Everyone was checking emails, watching videos (that’s a good one for me) and generally looking at their favorite sites. Oh of course, it goes without saying they  were all checking Facebook!


If you have a following or are building a following, you want to have a mobile site. It’s no longer a luxury or something for those ‘big companies,’ those of us who want to stay in front of our customer have to be mobile ready.


If your business is ‘mobile ready,’ it means just that you’re prepared for business. No longer do we have to wait for consumers to go into their office or home to check for messages. In fact, the consumer’s ‘favorites’ are always in front of them. Every moment is no longer a ‘shoppable’ moment.


There is a new book by Chuck Martin, editor of  M-Commerce Daily, called “Mobile Influence.” Basically, the consumer is always ready to shop.

Wal-Mart Canada seems ready to grasp this opportunity of the always-shopping consumer by putting a buy button in an unlikely place — a bus shelter. In partnership with Procter & Gamble, the company launched 50 “mobile stores” in Toronto. Does this mean I can have a ‘buy button’ on my car? Buy my books or buy my book or buy my videos?  It appears that we will never get away from Wal-Mart. The program is being tested in  50 bus shelters in Toronto.

For those of us ‘solopreneurs’, this is a blessing in disguise. You don’t have to be wealthy; you just have to be ‘teckie smart’ or have friends who are. We can sell our wares anytime, anywhere. However, better than that, we are able to stay in touch with our clients at all times.

In my case, you might not need a training video on a Sunday afternoon, but you might be interested in downloading one on  sales if you have a big customer coming in on Monday. Alternatively, you might be thinking how to approach an employee issue on Monday and may be happy to download a quick video.

This is a way to increase your customer base. You just need to be AT—always thinking.

Whether we like it or not, the ways we did business for hundreds of years are disappearing.  If we are to remain competitive, we ‘have to get with the program’ as they say. The program is about staying in front of your customer 24/7 and realizing that there is plenty of business out there.

Get to know your customers before you call them.

Build Your Customer Base Before You Sell Them

I was speaking to a successful barber friend of mine. He has spent thousands of dollars working on a phenomenal business plan and told me he thought if he had given away simple training videos in the beginning, instead of trying to sell strangers,  he would have built his business quicker. He could have collected emails from the customers who signed up for ‘free,’ and he would have had a customer base to market to.

People often ask me, why do you sometimes speak for free? I told them since I speak for a living, if people don’t see me, how will they know if they should hire me? The best way is seeing me in action and then making a decision. People don’t want to spend money foolishly so give them a ‘taste of your business.’

Cold calling is a thing of the past.

Why would you want to cold call?

Social Media Has Made Cold Calling Is A Thing Of The Past

With all the social media outlets, you should have little reason to cold call. You can use your social media to get to know people and their friends.  Remember 80% of your business should be through referrals so if you’re active on line, you should be able to find some connections. Fill up your Facebook pages with quality people who have your same interests and work on your ‘connecting’ skills.


Lisbeth helps businesses build loyal relationships and differentiation with their customers. Lisbeth can come to your business and speak to your team or provide you with training videos. Lisbeth will soon be producing on line training videos for your team. She can be reached at or [email protected]

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