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19 07, 2014

“When is it ok to Yell at my Customers?” Enough is Enough!

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We all have our limits; know yours!

A dear friend of mine told me she was recently fired because, in her words, “I went off on a customer.” At the time, she worked in a very stressful environment, and her mother lay dying in hospice. Apparently, she had enough.

We’ve all had those days when we literally “can’t stand it anymore.” We know that customers aren’t always correct, that’s just for fairy tales. However, as the saying goes, “If you want them to be your customers, you will make them right.” There are just some customers who know how to “push your buttons.” They key is not to get “hooked.”

There are some simple things you can do to get you through these rough times. Remember, you’re not the only one who’s been “hooked.”

1.Try not to let everyone know how much the person annoys you. If you do, you will continue to re-live the awful feeling you have about that person. If you continue to complain, your company will see you as a pain in the butt.  

2.For a minute, take yourself out of the equation and ask yourself some questions. “What has happened to me, why am I feeling so annoyed?” It’s doubtful they are angry with you; it’s likely something in the situation that is making them uncomfortable.

3.Look for the “customer’s scare.” We often use anger as a way of covering up  an imaginary problem that hasn’t yet occurred. Let’s say you’re afraid your mate is going to leave you so you get angry about them going to the movie without you. I was reading an interesting blog about a woman whose boyfriend wanted to have coffee with a female friend. The woman took the situation to mean he would be leaving her and marrying the other woman! Quite a jump you might say. He even called her when he left the coffee shop and told her he was on his way home. She still couldn’t believe it was simply “coffee.”

4.If you find yourself getting angry begin to confront your own scare. What do you think the customer is saying to you, why does it make you so frightened and what do you think you have to lose? Possibly, you can’t get the merchandise to the customer on time; are you afraid you’ll be fired?

5.  Take a deep breathe. Do you think the customer is out to get you? If so, what are they trying to gain? If they have nothing to gain, why are you reacting? My mother used to say, “Try and think before your speak.”

6.Is the person trying to get you to react? Have you ever had a customer bring up a tiny problem, like the delivery man was late and then ask for a discount? That’s a tactic to “throw you off the track” so they can get something they really don’t deserve. Okay, we’re not all perfect. The key is to separate yourself from the problem and think beneath your instinctive response. There lies the answer to your response.

You can’t keep customers if you do things to drive them away. (That applies to people in your life also.) If you want more information on how to diffuse your own anger, check out this link,

Lisbeth Calandrino has been helping businesses to build loyal customers for the last twenty years. To have her speak to your company or schedule a consultation, reach her at [email protected] or check out her web site,



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28 08, 2010

Change Is Good?

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As much as I talk about making changes it’s hard for me too. I started my blog on type pad three years ago and built my blog page over the years. It has been my opening page on Internet Explorer and I love opening to the blog. I loved looking at the page, adding new pieces and hoping for comments. For a year I’ve been fighting moving my blog to my web site, why, I’m not sure. Maybe it was the end of something I liked and the beginning of something I didn’t know I would like.

I’ve been afraid you wouldn’t like it that makes sense because you are my readers. Do I know if you’ll like it, of course I don’t? I know that it makes it easier for you to leave comments and for us to communicate. Isn’t that the way it should be?

I think I’m experiencing what many of you have experienced; it’s working, why should I change it? Things need to be fresh and new; would you continue to read a magazine if the cover never changed? Of course you wouldn’t but I’ve not changed my cover in years.  Like the rest of the world I like to be comfortable but being comfortable can keep you from being successful.

Successful people are always uncomfortable, learning new things and taking risks. Today’s risk can be tomorrow’s success but you will never know unless you try.

The way to keep young is to embrace change and the newness that the world has to offer. will keep you from being successful.

Embrace new technology (in my case more video) and say you love it. You know you can talk yourself into it? I often hear people say, I’m just not comfortable with it; when I get comfortable I’ll do it. With the way the world is changing, you may not have time to get comfortable you may just have to do it. Nike is still right!

I need to find better ways to connect with you; I’m going to try new things for my blog. I’m going to get out more and take photos and video of the world. I have to trips planned to watch customers in the act of shopping and buying. A not very undercover spy!

The path to change does not have to be alone. There are so many talented people who can help you through the change—and you know it’s more fun with others. I recently brought a group of friends to talk about how we might help each other to get more business. Everyone sees it different and embracing our differences is what makes the world go round.

So look for more changes, a new web look, new products, tips, newsletters and whatever else you want. I get emails from many of you weekly asking for new ideas. Even stuff that works gets boring. I’ve heard the expression, you could die of boredom; I don’t know what that would be like but we’ll have none of that. What about your ideas? Share what’s making your day, share what you’ve discovered and what has given you that Ahha moment. Got a great idea, let me know and let’s work it into a blog.

I love this quote from Harrison Ford: We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. 



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