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12 02, 2011

Who Better To Love Than Your Customers?

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The way to get love is to give love. This year the Valentine Day themes are a little different. Instead of “loving you” many of the ads are saying it’s about “loving us.” In fact there is a US postal stamp which says “loving us.” Valentine’s Day is really about loving us together, not each of us separately.

How can you show love to your customers?

The components of love, respect, sharing, and caring relate to all of those in our lives.  More than anything it’s about being thoughtful to those who really matter. This is the time to remind ourselves about the importance of our customers.

Your business  can have  the greatest products in the world but without customers what do you really have?

If we don’t give our customers great customer service someone else will.Great service is paying attention, showing your customers that they’re special. If your customer loves good food, give  a gift certificate to a special restaurant.

Have fun gifts for your customers on Facebook. If possible, have lots of gifts for lots of customers. The gifts don’t have to be expensive;  it’s the thought that counts. Remember when you were in grade school and the teacher had us make valentine cards for everyone and what fun it was getting those cards?

How about a note to your great customers or posting roses and hearts to your Facebook page and telling your customers how much you love them?

Give your customers great products. Sure everyone is price conscious to some extent but showing your customers what’s new and great makes them feel special. Not everyone will buy the best but everyone will enjoy looking at the best.

Or a video email sent to your customers telling them how much you care?

Sending Christmas cards is sort of old, but taking a photo of you and the customer and sending it to them is very personal. Check out Sendoutcards, it’s very cool.

If you have a blog use  run profiles of your customers.

How about a monthly prize for the nicest customer?

Decorate your store with hearts, streamers and balloons. Of course give away those  candy hearts, the ones with  the wonderful messages.

Remember the internet and social media give you countless ways to show your customers you love them.

Remember the best way to be loved is to show others how much you love them. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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1 11, 2010

Is A Complaining Customer A Good Customer?

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Are they better with their mouths closed?I know lots of customers that would disagree with this statement. If you’ve ever had a customer complaint on line than you know what I’m talking about. I have seen some mighty disagreeable comments that wouldn’t seem to go away.

How do you counteract these things? The first thing is to have your “great” customers  post loving comments about your service, your staff and your products. This way if you have any negative comments there’s a possibility they will get lost in the good ones or the complaining person looks like a nut job to the rest of the  readers. My experience is that most businesses don’t “stack the deck” with great comments to counteract the possible nasty ones before they occur. When a nasty comment is written, it is glaring.

I found myself the target of one of these feuds. A client of mine got some bad press for posting a photo without giving credit to the photographer. The title of the blog charged the customer with something other than the above which was not only incorrect, but slandering.  I pointed out the error of the title and immediately someone else became annoyed at me. (By the way, I checked with a lawyer first about my concerns which turned out to be correct.)  The title charged the customer with a very serious crime, obviously the writer didn’t understand what he was writing.

Online remarks can get very sticky. One of our local supermarkets received an unflattering comment on Twitter which was responded to by an employee of the market. The employee was so upset he went to the commentator’s boss and suggested the person be fired! The target took his case to the local newspaper and the rest is history.

Last year I was curious about a local luggage store so I went online for testimonials. Much to my dismay, there  was more than one nasty comment. When I went to the store to have my Tumi luggage fixed, I told the manager about the comments. His reply, “I never noticed”. Needless to say they closed the following month; they had been in business for over 20 years.

Some thoughts about what to do before it happens and after:

Manage your own publicity; get your happy customers to post great comments.

Post articles of value for your customers; articles that make them smile, feel special and get valuable information.

Be aware, watch for comments, Google your business to see what’s being written about you and your business. Sign up for Google alerts.

Blog about your great customers. Interview your customers about their families and their businesses. Make your customers your business partners. Great customer service means giving your customers what they want and possible helping them to stay in business.Consider the bank or insurance company  that provides valuable workshops on marketing and sales  for their small business customers.

By the way, I couldn’t find any. But it stands to reason if your customers can’t stay in business neither will you!

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28 08, 2010

Change Is Good?

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As much as I talk about making changes it’s hard for me too. I started my blog on type pad three years ago and built my blog page over the years. It has been my opening page on Internet Explorer and I love opening to the blog. I loved looking at the page, adding new pieces and hoping for comments. For a year I’ve been fighting moving my blog to my web site, why, I’m not sure. Maybe it was the end of something I liked and the beginning of something I didn’t know I would like.

I’ve been afraid you wouldn’t like it that makes sense because you are my readers. Do I know if you’ll like it, of course I don’t? I know that it makes it easier for you to leave comments and for us to communicate. Isn’t that the way it should be?

I think I’m experiencing what many of you have experienced; it’s working, why should I change it? Things need to be fresh and new; would you continue to read a magazine if the cover never changed? Of course you wouldn’t but I’ve not changed my cover in years.  Like the rest of the world I like to be comfortable but being comfortable can keep you from being successful.

Successful people are always uncomfortable, learning new things and taking risks. Today’s risk can be tomorrow’s success but you will never know unless you try.

The way to keep young is to embrace change and the newness that the world has to offer. will keep you from being successful.

Embrace new technology (in my case more video) and say you love it. You know you can talk yourself into it? I often hear people say, I’m just not comfortable with it; when I get comfortable I’ll do it. With the way the world is changing, you may not have time to get comfortable you may just have to do it. Nike is still right!

I need to find better ways to connect with you; I’m going to try new things for my blog. I’m going to get out more and take photos and video of the world. I have to trips planned to watch customers in the act of shopping and buying. A not very undercover spy!

The path to change does not have to be alone. There are so many talented people who can help you through the change—and you know it’s more fun with others. I recently brought a group of friends to talk about how we might help each other to get more business. Everyone sees it different and embracing our differences is what makes the world go round.

So look for more changes, a new web look, new products, tips, newsletters and whatever else you want. I get emails from many of you weekly asking for new ideas. Even stuff that works gets boring. I’ve heard the expression, you could die of boredom; I don’t know what that would be like but we’ll have none of that. What about your ideas? Share what’s making your day, share what you’ve discovered and what has given you that Ahha moment. Got a great idea, let me know and let’s work it into a blog.

I love this quote from Harrison Ford: We all have big changes in our lives that are more or less a second chance. 



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