Will 2014 Be Any Different? Forget the New Year’s Resolutions.

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Do something different this year.

About five years ago I discovered some New Year resolutions from about twenty years ago.  First on the list was get organized! I was horrified. It was like I had just discovered some flaw in my life. What in the world did it mean?

Resolutions are like stones in your shoes. You tip toe around them and hope they’ll fall out or stop bothering you.

Look at it this way.

What could you do that will cause a change in your life and give it some serious thought? Sure you can vow to clean up your house but who honestly cares? Does it matter in your life? If it did you would clean it once and for all keep things in place instead of keep messing it up. If someone is visiting maybe you want to clean up. If you drop dead and the place is a mess, someone will say you were a bad housekeeper. When you’re deceased who will care about your house?

Do you want to build your business? Make a list of what you want to happen and determine what tools you will need. Don’t know what you’ll need, hire someone who has the answers to these questions.

Seek out opportunities. They are out there; you must know what you want and where it can be found.

Hire a coach to keep you on track. A friend of mine asked me why I hired a personal fitness coach when I was a PF coach. I told him successful athletes all have coaches. Great golfers have coaches; actors have coaches, and Olympians have coaches. If you really are serious about change, hire a coach. Someone who will kick your butt and not care about your excuses. Their job: help you win.

Take a good look at your fears. What keeps you from sleeping at night? Maybe you spend too much time worrying about your fears instead of focusing on your strengths. Write your fears down and tackle them, now.

Help someone else get ahead. Maybe this sounds stupid but I gave my friend one hundred dollars to get a tutor to help her with her math classes. I told her if she didn’t pass she had to pay me back. The other day she came to be glowing with her grades; she passed them all and several with A’s. She is in her seventies and hadn’t been to school in forty years. I think it took a lot of guts to go back to school. I think it was a good investment. I heard that Traveler’s Aid needed coats for the cold winter nights. I brought up a nice coat, with mittens and gloves! It looked so pretty that the social worker said she wished it would fit her. Just because someone is poor doesn’t mean they have to look bad. So whatever you can for someone—your way. It will bring you comfort and lower your blood pressure. (I think.)

Get committed to something. You don’t have to tell the world what you’re doing—decide what matters and do it. Maybe it’s being nice to someone in the supermarket, enjoying the world outside your own thoughts.

Act as if you matter because you do. When you do down memory lane what will you remember? It will be the people you’ve met and the experiences you’ve had. There’s no time to start but the present. If you need some additional ideas, try these.

Don’t get bogged down.

Happy New Year!

Lisbeth helps people get off their butts and accomplish their goals. Lisbeth’s resolution is to spend more time providing  valuable information that will make her clients successful. She can be reached at www.lisbethcalandrino.com.



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