Stop Waiting to Live Your Best Life

A friend of mine called me this week to share an experience he recently had. For months, he was having chest pains, and was more tired than usual. My friend was persistent; he knew there was something wrong no matter how much the doctor tried to assure him or what the tests showed. His cardiologist kept saying he was fine, but he had a feeling he wasn’t. By the way, this dialog was going on for months; with COVIDE-19, in office doctor visits have also been kept to a minimum.

The doctor finally suggested a test that isn’t usually prescribed.

One reason the test isn’t prescribed is because there’s a cost to the patient—a cost of $150.00. The fee wasn’t daunting to my friend; in fact, he said he would take two at that price!

You already know the ending to this story; my friend had a major blockage and was immediately taken in for surgery and spent time in ICU.  If he hadn’t persisted, he would have had a heart attack.

One thing about my friend; he doesn’t take no for an answer and is tenacious. This time it saved his life.

What About Your Life; What Are You Putting Off? Are You Sitting Around Waiting For Things To Go Back To The Way They Were? Are You Ignoring Important Things In Your Life?

I keep hearing people talk about things going back to normal. One thing i’ve learned during COVID; life as we knew it will never be the same.  We forget how things were changing before the pandemic. We were buying lots of things online, and having more things delivered including meals.   I’m used to going to petsmart to buy litter instead; I’m ordering it from Chewy.

Stop waiting for something to happen, make it happen. Take a course, learn a new language, and plan a vacation.

Stores Have Been My Entertainment. Now I Have To Make My Own Entertainment!

I miss going shopping.  I like going to Macy’s and Nordstrom just to look. Now I don’t have any place to go so why even look? If I don’t go, I’m minimizing my own risk as well as not infecting others. Maybe shopping isn’t the way to live my best life? Did I spend time shopping because I couldn’t think of anything else to do? When I was traveling for work, there was always something to buy. A new pair of shoes or a dress was in my budget. Now my budget is limited; I don’t have anywhere to go and have clothes and shoes accumulating dust.

It’s likely it will be a while before I can visit our own haunts; movies, Broadway shows and summer theater. So, what can I do? I can stop waiting for my best life to happen.

I just decorated the outside of my house, so it looks like Santa’s North Pole! I enlisted some friends, and everyone added their special touch. I like when people stop and comment about how pretty it is, although I’m not sure if everyone likes it; I know it brings a smile to everyone’s face. I love it!

It’s Time To Build Your Best Life Now!

So, what will my best life look like? Whatever it is, it’s time to work on it. I don’t know how much traveling for work is in my future; will I be working from home. Do I start an online business or write blogs and manage social media for other companies? Since sitting is the new smoking, I need to keep moving and not sitting so much and writing. Possible I should be out interviewing so much sitting and writing. How about videos that I can put in short articles?

I want my life to include more exercise; can I go to older people’s homes and help them with stretching and staying fit? Why not, it will get me out of the house, and it doesn’t involve sitting! Yoga, Pilates, and Silver Sneakers, Yes!

I Miss My Friends And People In General; Zoom Doesn’t Quite Do It.

Last week, I received an actual letter from a friend. It’s been a long time since i’ve written a note to anyone or received one. I really enjoyed holding the card in my hand and reading what she had written.  A handwritten now is so much nicer than an email or a text. I miss the human interaction, so I will have to make a concerted effort to send notes and make those phone calls. I love Monopoly and Scrabble; maybe I should take up Words with Friends again?

Get Creative In Any Way Possible!

I’ve started to bake; I like baking pies the best! I love fruit; it smells so good when it’s cooking and tastes wonderful. I have been giving the pies and cakes to my neighbors who seem genuinely thankful. If I didn’t give it away, I would have to eat the entire pie myself, I couldn’t waste it! Sew, knit, build model airplanes, or crochet and get good at it. Maybe you can sell your creative ideas online? If you have children at home, PLEASE give them things to do that will help their minds expand. I understand children are having trouble paying attention to ZOOM and are missing their friends. This is a good time to teach them to be resilient and learning how to amuse themselves.

My next-door neighbors are canning sauce to give away to their friends for Christmas presents. I noticed Amazon delivers every other day, so I asked what they were getting—different size canning jars she said!

I miss my friends, but none of my exercise teachers have classes online. When it gets warm, I will have to start biking and walking more than ever. I just heard that there are plenty of Silver Sneaker videos, and I guess I need to develop new exercise habits.

Use This Time Wisely

If you’ve got extra time, use it to better your life. What about your home—what home repairs can you do without hiring the work out?

Clean out your house, put things on Craig’s list. I see things being listed for $5.00. Do anything to get them gone and recycle your money?! After the holidays, I’m going to take a picture of my outside decorations and sell all of them!

This is a great time to give away socks, pj’s, towels, sheets, and blankets to the shelters. I have a favorite place resale shop near my house, asked my neighbors for the things above and got some beautiful things for their shops. I put the small things in plastic bags and sealed them so the things inside wouldn’t have to be touched.

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