Stop! Before You Design that Web Site

Seo Designing a Website is a complex task; as a business owner, having a discussion with your web designer and web marketer will save you headaches and disappointment in the end. Hiring a web designer who has the resources and expertise in different areas will also save you time and money. Consider your Web Designer/SEO specialist as your business partner.

No matter how pretty your site, remember its purpose is to enhance your bottom line. To have it done right, you will need someone who is an expert in HTML (HTML is a computer language devised to allow website creation and (Search Engine Optimization) the process of improving ranking in search engine results. In other words, getting your web site and your business found by your customers.

According to Anthony Troia, President of Breeze SEO, In order to do this effectively, your Web Designer/SEO specialist will have to understand your business as well as the process. The key is using all the tools.

Since good content is one of the keys to getting your web site found, your web company should have good programmers as well as good writers. Writers who know how to maximize the correct words which will help your site get found. Who would know better than you in conjunction with your web developer and web marketer what words your customers use to access your products?

Consider the following in the planning of your web site:

Who is your target customer and what is the psychology behind how they thin

Not all customers are considered equal and have equal value. In other words, who is your target customer, who pays your prices? Which customers will bring you the most revenue? Even in tough times, businesses need to focus on the right core customers. Although cash flow is important to all businesses not targeting the right customers will dilute your brand, upset your core customers and make it difficult for your salespeople to close sales. For instance if your customers are higher end and your site focuses on running sales and lower end products your core customers will be confused and think your business has changed. Playing to the wrong audience will confuse your core customers as well as your salespeople

Do you know how your customers think? Is there a formula they use to buy your products or think of your company? Buying your product is just one of the components; maybe they look for warrantees or need a contractor to install your product. These are components should be included in your web site and should be developed through your discussion with your web developer and web marketer.

Are photos important to your customers?

If photos are important in your business you should have the right photos. Spending a little extra money on professionally staged shoots, done in the right format with the right products will enhance your site as well as delight your customers. Think ahead, what products do you want to showcase? If you don’t have professional photographers ask your web designer for a referral.

The look of your site as well as the colors you choose should be pleasing to your customers as well as up-to-date. This will means that photos will need to be changed out as styles and colors change in your industry. Also, are your targeting male or female customers? How does each group react to colors? Colors need to be chosen based on your target audience and their various tastes.

What type of content is necessary for your site?

You’ve heard it before; this is the age of content, good content. Content is not good content unless it contains the key words that will get your target customer to your site. Your Web Designer/ SEO specialist will talk with you about content and search existing web content to determine what is right for your site. Content needs to contain the right information and right words to attract your customers and the search engines. Content plays a big role is getting the desired page rank for your website in search engines.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization." Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving ranking in search engine results. Having the right SEO will potentially bring more customers and improve your site ranking. A good SEO company will review your site content and structure as well as provide technical advice on website development which includes for example, hosting, redirects, error page and the use of JavaScript. A good Web Developer/SEO firm will be able to provide you with online business development campaigns, keyword search, SEO training as well as expertise in specific markets and geographies.

Think of your Web Developer/SEO firm as not only your technical partner but as a business partner who is committed to the success of your business.

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