Some People Are Just Born to Compete

After watching the Olympics, all I can say is I really feel like a slacker. Listening to the training schedules, the pressure involved, etc. No matter what my age I could never bend over like that!
Anyone who knows me has heard me talk about small windows of opportunities in life. All of a sudden it’s there–your shot at stardom, fame or wealth. Speedo and Visa — who sponsor Michael Phelps — certainly got their money’s worth. But there’s also Michael’s mom, Debbie, who was spotted wearing clothes from Chicos. Apparently she’s a loyal customer, and Chicos, for their part, has been getting free exposure.
According to the company, customers have been calling and asking where they can get the jacket they saw her wearing. As a loyal customer, they sent her a $100 gift certificate and wished her son the best of luck in the Games. Now they’ve gone a step further: they’ve offered her a line of clothing exclusively at Chicos called the Debbie Phelps Collection.
Since then, the crew at Good morning America and other T.V. personalities have been seen sporting her garb. “She is the hero behind the hero,” says Dan Mintz of the ad agency DMG. Will it help Chicos, which also owns White House/Black Market — a favorite of mine in West Palm Beach? Let’s hope so. According to USA Today, the company was down 18.5 percent from July.
What does this mean for you?
Getting real customers to advertise for you. A customer who can be spotted sporting your rug or hardwood floor — or who’s willing to become your cosumer expert.
Remember to pay attention, and don’t let an opportunity slip by!

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