Showing Community Support is Good for All

Bounce The rain held off and Baystate Rug held its first “Bounce House” event. President Joe Montemagni and General Manager Jorge Morgado purchased an inflatable “bounce house” — an Excalibur’s Castle model, which is one of the many different types of bounce houses.

“We thought it would be fun for our families to use and then realized, why not bring it to the store and invite the community to have fun with it?” Joe says. “We love our community and this would be a way to give something back. So I started thinking, since many budgets are being cut why not raise money for someone who could use? Perhaps someone like Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen? Instead of waiting for others to do it why not set an example and hope that others will follow? And so the day was born.”
The day consisted of goodie bags for parents, food, drink and the bounce house. The event got additional support from the city when an alderman announced the event at one of their functions.
“Everyone worked together, it was very rewarding and lots of fun,” Jorge adds.
Joe’s wife Liz and sales associate Terry Boudreau stopped traffic and asked for donations for the soup kitchen. It appears that everyone was very generous. The event raised $1300.00!
How important is it for businesses to become involved in the community? “It’s our survival,” says Carol Pirog, Board of Directors, and Fundraising Co-Chair of Lorraine’s Soup Kitchen & Pantry. “We are so grateful to Joe and his staff for getting us closer to our $300,000 goal and the ability to feed our 1200 families.”
By the way, you should know that Joe is a Yankees fan and Jorge is a Red Sox fan. Each contributed two tickets for the silent auction. The Yankees tickets brought $150.00 and the Red Sox brought $220.00. I guess we know what works in Massachusetts.
The event was a success, a lot of work, but well worth it. “It’s important that everyone get involved,” says Joe.” Ownership is very important; we all get to share in the outcome.”
What makes it work? These are Joe’s answers:
  • A caring attitude and wanting to make a difference in your community. It doesn’t matter what you do, it just matters that you do something.
  • Work with other agencies, such as the city. This builds real partnerships.
  • Good organization. Remember your focus, doing something good for your community and raising awareness.
  • Getting the word out, this is no time to be shy.
    Remember, networking helps you build new friends and make a difference in your community.
Don’t forget to have fun.

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