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Why do businesses keep sales people that can’t close the deal? The most important asset to your business are people who can build relationships and close sales. In order to do this they must have superior communication skills and understand how to relate to the customer both on and offline. Lisbeth has immersed herself in the world of Internet Marketing since the rise of blogs and social networking sites, and has learned how to maximize their offerings for business success. With this expertise, she can help your sales people leverage your existing sales and marketing efforts through blogs, podcasts and social networking sites to help bring greater visibility to your brand.


Lisbeth has written hundreds of blogs, several of them regarding sales. Here are just a few examples: “Price Doesn’t Matter, To Whom?”, “5 Ways to Get Your Sales People Connected to Customers” and “Don’t Squat with Your Spurs on and other things we do to sabotage your success.

In addition to her own blogging, Lisbeth has been blogging for the Albany Times Union a Hearst publication, LisBiz Strategies in Floor Covering News and writing articles for Mohawk University. Here are a few free article samples: “Learning How To Sell Really Won’t Help You” and “What Are You Doing To Make Your Salespeople Super?


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“Lisbeth inspired me to not only perform better in the business I was already in, but to also then create a business of my own.  Her energy is infectious, her content is cutting edge, and she is genuinely brimming full of conviction and care for both you and your business. I now run a design and construction group that can’t expand fast enough to meet our customer’s demands!  I can’t recommend her highly enough” 

– Associate at The Vandervort Group, LLC