Intuitive Business Coach
Marketing/Customer Service/Sales Strategies


Lisbeth Calandrino is the innovative, strategic business coach that your company needs.

Known for her acute business sense that comes from decades of experience, Lisbeth has the right combination of knowledge and motivation to create the strategies that your business needs to improve its bottom line. Let Lisbeth educate your employees on creating, building and keeping solid customer relationships.

Seminars on effective communication strategies and optimizing social media presence, are just a sample of the tools Lisbeth supplies to improve your bottom line and your reputation with consumers. Her “tough love” approach to improving business practices will not disappoint.

Lisbeth Calandrino has been a serial entrepreneur since the age of six. Her original business motto was passed down from her immigrant grandfather and entrepreneurial dad:

“Get a customer, then
start a business.”

  • Executive of the Year Award International Executive Association
  • Regular speaking engagements at numerous trade shows
  • Authored several “How to” books that topped business industry charts
  • Managing partner of eleven retail store chains
  • Founder of international consumer floor covering and design magazine
  • Author of regular columns and blogs for industry publication
  • Award winning blogger and business columnist to several national publications

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