Ser.en.dip.ity – Life is Too Short to Eat Boring Food!

Serendipity-light225 E. 60th St. – New York is all about fun and different. My friend Tony said we can’t go to New York City without going to Serendipity 3 for their Frrrozen Chocolate. Tony had taken one of his daughters on her birthday and had a banana split, which is a yearly favorite for his own birthday.

Serendipity goes back to 1954, when it was founded in a basement on 60th St. by three entrepreneurs (hence the "3" in Serendipity 3) who pooled their entire fortunes together (totaling $300).  Visited by a number of celebrities — Marilyn Monroe, Bill Clinton, Tom Cruise and Meg Ryan, to name a few — Serendipity is the place for a decadent dessert, a great meal and a nice walk through their coffee house boutique. The store houses everything from Serendipity 3 perfume to chocolate body rub and, if you can believe it, chocolate shampoo.

Serendipity The ambience too is unique and charming. There are Tiffany lamps and other collectables located throughout the store, and the waiters are darling.  Visit the store's site for additional details. Everyone is friendly and make you feel like you're on the inside — whether it's a conversation with Lynn the manager or Joe Calderone, who handles the publicity.

Serendipity also houses the $1000 gold sundae. Of course I had to ask “who buys the $1000 gold sundae?"  Lynn has the “scoop.” All kinds of folks, she says. A lighting guy from Las Vegas, a law school graduate and a variety of Sweet 16 birthday celebrants.

Serendipity-rose I was told that Mayor Bloomberg helped Serendipity celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2004 by declaring Serendipity Day in New York City.

This is the place to bring your sweet tooth and leave your diet at home.

What can we learn from Serendipity?

  • Be different or be outrageous. It doesn’t matter as long as your customer’s approve.
  • Let everyone know you’re different
  • Do things that your customers would like, such as “Books for Cooks.”
  • Make your customers feel welcome – have photos of them and ensure a friendly atmosphere.
  • Keep yourself out in front of the public.

 In other words, don't be afraid to try something new. And yes, you can even declare your own holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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