Put the Fun in DysFUNctional this Crazy 2020 Holiday Season!

The Holidays in 2020 are weird, right?

And it’s been a long, crazy year, and a hard one for a lot of us. And the holidays may be no different. Or maybe just more of the same?

“There’s no place like home for the holidays.”

This year, those heartfelt lyrics have added significance. We are being urged (or required) to limit travel and stay home, socializing only with your immediate household, or “quarantine pod” (the people you interact with on a regular basis); and organizing virtual events instead of in-person events.  And fear and loss may be an unwelcome guest at the table for too many families.

The good news?

“The holidays are not canceled,” said Kabrel Geller, a Los Angeles-based caterer who saw her business nosedive last spring.

They just need to be reimagined.

Why not turn the thought around and embrace the theory, “For the holidays, you can’t beat home sweet home.”

Here’s some great ideas for having a great holiday at home:

  1. Assemble a make-ahead breakfast with all of your favorites.
  2. Open gifts together virtually. Trust me, even grandma and grandpa can manage to Zoom when motivated by love and holiday cheer.
  3. Teach family members how to connect virtually, and stay online together through most of the day.
  4. Give the gift of technology – items that make getting easily connected online are very welcome this year.
  5. Order from small local vendors.  If the item doesn’t arrive on time due to shipping issues, take a photo, wrap it up, and gift the photo with an IOU. Or give a gift certificate for a local restaurant or shop to be used later.
  6. Tell and record family stories to save and share later like a time capsule. Or create a written time capsule of this crazy year for your younger family to remember later. No one will believe it ever really happened!
  7. Decorate Holiday cookies together.
  8. Take a long hot bath.  Use the good candles and the yummy smelling bath goodies. You deserve it.
  9. Have a Holiday Karaoke party. Dress up. If you dare, record it!
  10. Make extra food and give it to the neighbors or other local folks who may be alone or not feeling well this holiday season.  Trust me, they’ll love it.

Bonus: Call Lisbeth for a homemade pie.  You pay the shipping, I’ll send you a pie.  No joke – and tell me if you’re gluten free!

For other “unplugged” ideas, check out: Real Simple’s 7 Safe Ways to Celebrate Christmas That Have Nothing to Do With Zoom

Stay healthy, take care good of yourself, find new ways to stay close and safe, and if you got it (like we did!), enjoy the snow!


Wishing you love and good cheer this year and next,

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