Overcoming Objections: How About Ones You Can't Overcome?

In sales, people are always talking about objections you can overcome. Yesterday I started thinking, are there objections that absolutely can't be overcome, no matter how good you are at sales?

Here are a few that I think are worth thinking about.

Poor appearance – What do you look like? Do you forget to use mouth wash or get the poppy seeds out of your teeth? I actually had the poppy seed thing going the other day and I couldn’t believe I had those dark outlines around my teeth. I would have found it funny if it hadn’t been me. My friend Cynthia was kind enough to tell me.

Lack of enthusiasm – So you’re not happy and you don’t want to make the sales call or talk to the customer. Did you ever notice no one really cares what is going on in your life and what’s getting you down? How about giving yourself a pep talk — get excited. What makes your product great, your company great and your life great?

Lack of preparation – So you know everything about your product but don’t have your numbers straight and rely on others to do things for you. How often do you leave your cell phone at home or forget to charge it when you need it? Are there critical items you forget when you go on a sales call?

Lack of courage – So you've been avoiding dealing with your customer, your landlord, the rental car place and your boss. Courage builds self-confidence. Your approach doesn’t have to be perfect, just do it. What can you learn from having courage?

Getting off the subject – You like your customers so much you just think they’ll buy from you–so you talk about anything but business. You’ve decided to waste everyone’s time including your own. Be respectful of your customers no matter how well you know them; honor their time and their business. Stay on track.

Talking too much – About nothing, I should add. If you’re making a sales call or meeting with a customer, have something to add to the conversation. Don’t just talk because you like your own voice. Be clear, straightforward and get business done.

Lack of focus – So you have lots on your mind, so what? What makes you good at what you do is your focus and your ability to get things done. If you’re working with me, get things done in a timely matter.

Hesitancy – So you’re not sure and you’re waiting around to get sure. Does that really work? Strive to find out why you're hesitate. In the meantime though, get out there and get moving. If you’re not going after your customers you can be sure someone else is.

Adapted from The Sales Closing Book: Field Tested Closes for Every Selling Situation, Gerhard Gschwandtner, McGraw Hill.

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“Encouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” Dale Carnegie

2 thoughts on “Overcoming Objections: How About Ones You Can't Overcome?”

  1. Lizbeth has got this one dead on! All entrepreneurs fall victim to one of more of the obstacles from time to time. It’s what makes use human. The key is to have two to three people who you can call to give you a pep talk or a kick in the pants whenever you are having a “chicken little” attack. Sometimes an outsider perspective can help you think bigger as well.

  2. Melinda, I love the “chicken little” attack. When times are tough we need more kicks in the pants and hugs; we should try to remember that on some level most everyone is worried about their lives. Your sense of humor is bound to help and keep everyone focused! Thanks, Lis

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