Nothing Gets Accomplished Without Enthusiasm, Not Even Customer Service

Enthusiasm "Excellent" or "Red Hot" customer service exceeds the customer’s needs, either real or perceived. It is also delivered in a consistent and dependable manner. In my book I talk about simple concepts and why they’re important. They are important because without the basic concepts a business can’t move to the next level that I call ‘red hot.’ Because they are simple you would think they are easy to implement; unfortunately they’re not. These basic concepts also apply to life; without the basics how can you move on to the more complicated.

You and I go to the same restaurant but with different needs. I’m there for a leisurely lunch and you’re in a hurry. Your attitude is somewhat short, you’re frowning while looking for the server and I’m smiling and talking with my friend. The server waits on both of us with the same demeanor, she takes her time, forgets the specials, I’m fine, you’re upset. Our perception of the service is entirely different. You think she’s wasting your time, I hardly notice. The server’s unwillingness to change her behavior based on the customer’s obvious distress gives the customer the perception of bad customer service.

Seeing an unhappy customer may be perceived as a challenge or obstacle or an opportunity to use all of your skills to turn the customer around. How will this happen? It will be all about your attitude and your enthusiasm. Much of our behavior is based on our perception of the situation; we are on automatic pilot.

Businesses miss the boat when they don’t instill standards for customer service and then see that they are enforced. Can a server forget the specials? Of course, but should they? The answer is no. Knowing the specials is an integral part of the job and not knowing them gives the customer the perception that the service is lousy. The server is expected to be able to recite the specials without the aid of a translator. Is learning ones job an obstacle or an opportunity in training?

No great success was ever attained in life without facing obstacles. People often see ordinary change as obstacles. The server sees the unhappy customer and decides the customer will leave a lousy tip. Because of this perception, the server doesn’t try to make the customer happy. The better way would be to meet the challenge and turn it into an opportunity. On a broader scale, how one handles these changes and ‘obstacles’ determines whether or not they live a successful life. Challenges are what move us forward and push us to be better. The ability to see the glass as half full rather than half empty is what moves challenges to opportunities. Aren’t we all looking for opportunities?

Enthusiasm builds motivation. Without motivation you will never be able to discover the talents that you have. Without these talents it’s impossible to accomplish all of which you are capable. As David Thoreau once wrote, the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. Going through life without thinking about important things such as who am I and who am I meant to be? What if you were to take time and think about really important things?

We all have different gifts, we are not all meant to be the same thing but we are all meant to be something. Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm because success requires risk. Success requires risk and it doesn’t come cheap. But having enthusiasm or that strong emotional commitment is what will get you through the tough times and the push to find your greatness. You must be willing to try things you’ve never tried before. You might be trying things that others have never tried.

Whether it is your job or your life, dig deep, find that enthusiasm or that strong emotional commitment and apply it to your life and your greatness.

BE determined not to live a life of quiet desperation but one of hope and excitement.

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