Maybe Success Isn't So Hard!

Planning I recently read the book "The Secret" and wondered, like everyone else, if it truly is possible to become successful simply by sitting around and thinking. Part of the "secret" is right: you've got to think it. This is the beginning.

However, will it just come if I want it?  Maybe. Success is more than just thoughts though, and it's more than just attitude.

Attitude is just for starters. Attitude alone will not change anything. Things get done through effort and hard work.

Are you ready to fail? If you are, success might just be around the corner. Winners fail, winners take risks — they win some and they lose some but they never give up. They know success is out there.

Success is about change — your change. Change is about doing something different.

You can't have everything but you can have something… do you know what your "something" is? This may be the first problem — not knowing what it is you want. If you can at least figure out one thing that you want, go after it – be uncomfortable and try something new.

Want to lose weight? Eat different. And exercise. It won't kill you even though discomfort often feels like death is imminent. But it's not. It's just life.

The key is spending some time figuring out what you really believe about yourself and what you want.

Invest in yourself, who you are and what you really want. Then go for it.

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