Looking For a Man Who Can Dance

According to a recent study conducted by Peter Lovatt, Phd., in Britain, the better a man can dance, the more likely he is to get a great mate. Women want men to be coordinated — more like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever than Napoleon Dynamite! The “shuffle” is out. Waving arms uncontrollably is also out.

I must admit that I am a closet "Dancing With the Stars" fan. There’s just something about music that increases my endorphins and makes me feel good. In 2002, I was in San Francisco watching the international dance finals. The clothing was beautiful and cost thousands of dollars. When I need a lift, I go into my closet and gaze at my dance shoes, which I bought at that event.

My dance intensity goes way back. Having majored in physical education, modern and jazz dancing was a major part of our curriculum. I don’t remember ever having a dance class in high school or grade school, but maybe I thought those things were about to change. Otherwise, where I would use these skills? If nothing else, it was fun and I remembered when we were told that our dance group was to join the Martha Graham dance group and that Martha herself would be there. Most of us complained about the extra dance workouts, never realizing how lucky we were to be part of the troupe. The dance group was founded in 1926 and is the oldest and most celebrated contemporary dance company in America. Martha herself danced until the late 60’s.

What’s in? Well, coordinated moves and good rhythm. What’s not to like about it? That’s why Dancing with the Stars is so popular—I notice my friends have to get home to watch the reality show so they can sway to the music.  In the early 90’s I went to Arthur Murray’s for some dance lessons. I must admit, this was some of the most fun that I have ever had. It just shows if you work hard enough at anything you can get good; maybe not great, but certainly good enough to get out on the dance floor.

Hey go out and have some fun; the world will still be here when you get back. Take some dancing lessons; every city has tons of dance schools and dance clubs. You don’t even need a partner to take lessons. I know a flooring store owner who has line dancing in her store on Thursday nights. Fun for all.

I think I’m going to head to the closet and blow the dust off those dance pumps. Interested?

Blogging from Albany, NY

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