Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Is it worth it?Sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. You spend all kinds of time on a project and it doesn’t go anywhere or you spend time doing things that don’t matter. We all do it. In fact the reason I’m writing this blog is because that’s what I did today–nothing that was important unless you consider watching Madonna at half-time important or going to the movies. Maybe it was–but tomorrow it won’t be.
Considering how busy all of us are, it’s amazing how much time we waste. If you want to get things done you will have to do what matters not what you think you have to do. By the way, here is a  link to a great article on time wasting.
How do you know if the squeeze  is worth it?
First, look at where  you spend your time. I love Farmville but one day I spent two hours cleaning up the barn , getting gifts, sending gifts and digging up the  dead crops. I felt bad that I wasn’t replying to friends and thanking them for gifts. I began to feel anxious, maybe they would “unfriend” me if I didn’t play. It was at that point that I started to think, was Farmville paying the rent? It didn’t take long to answer that question. I realized there are so many thousands of people playing Farmville that they’ll never miss me. (I hope they will!)
Second,  come up with some criteria, what is important in your life, what do you want to get done, what makes getting up in the morning worth it? Is it having fun, making money, being noticed, making a difference? What is important to you? Watch yourself, what are you doing when you’re not doing what you say you should be doing? Wow, lots of words.
Third, how do  you know what’s important in your life? Think about your values, what  really matters? How would you like to be remembered after you’re gone? What would you like written on your tombstone?  
Third, ask yourself, are these the real things I want to do,  and if not, why aren’t I doing them? I felt exceptionally tired this year after getting back from Surfaces but kept on working. All I wanted to do today was go to the movies and watch Madonna. I have so much to do I don’t want to begin.
Fourth, write down your goals and attach a time limit. When do you want to get them done? If the project is really big, “chunk it down” so you can get started. Do a little bit at a time it will cut down on your stress.
Fifth, put health on your list.  Get plenty of  sleep,  the right food and exercise. Whether I say it or not, I know this is first on my list and one of my most important values. I love cooking and going to the gym and I know I feel better because of it. If I can only get the sleep thing down. Any ideas? I have never liked to sleep. 
I know these may sound simple but sometimes simple is good.
Lisbeth Calandrino would live at the gym if she could. When she’s not at the gym she is speaking and coaching salespeople and business owners.

1 thought on “Is The Juice Worth the Squeeze?”

  1. Liz,
    1. Maintain a regular bedtime and rise time.
    > 2. Establish bedtime around time of sleepiness. Your body knows what
    > it requires. When you yawn, lights out.
    > 3. Use only dim lights in the hour leading to bedtime. Better yet, use
    > orange bulbs in the bedroom (available at Home Depot). These bulbs
    > don’t interfere with the production of melatonin.
    > 4. Refrain from watching the evening news before bedtime.
    > 5. Refrain from any TV or Internet use one hour before bedtime. Read,
    > write or other calming activity (massage from Gina?)
    > 6. Warm bath 20 minutes before bed if you like.
    > 7.Avoid strenuous activity within 3 hours of bedtime.
    > 8. Limit alcohol consumption prior to bedtime. Best: None within 3
    > hours of bedtime.
    > 9. Establish and maintain a regular exercise regimen. 30 minutes
    > walking daily can greatly improve fitness of the body and the mind.
    > 10. The bedroom is for sex and sleep only-no TV. Reading and Writing is OK
    > 11. Use white noise machine if desired. Examples: Water noises.
    > 12. Napping duration during the day not to exceed 15-20 minutes.
    > 13. Never drive drowsy (actually proven to be more lethal than drunk
    > driving). Take a power nap (see Rule 12)
    > 14. Dedicate a daily/nightly minimum of 6 hours sleep for adults and 8
    > hours for children.
    > All the Best,
    > Jim

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