How Your Emotional I.Q. Can Improve Your Sales Performance

Andrew Carnegie put it best when he said, “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents.”

Self motivation is an essential part of excelling at life. Motivating ourselves is not easy; but if you look to others to do it for You must learn to motivate yourself because you cannot depend on others to do it for you. You must know how to encourage yourself regardless of how bad or dire the situation might seem. For some COVID-19 is an inconvenience; for others it’s an amazing change of life. They are spending time worrying about who will care for their kids, how long will their job last and will someone in their home become ill. Staying in emotional good health is most important.

Sales personnel work in an environment where social and emotional skills are of importance. Their performance is related to their ability to manage social and emotional problems and to maintain high level of motivation to face problems arising due to negative feedback and failures (Brown, Cron, & Slocum, 1997). A salesperson high in EI should be resilient and able to handle the emotionally threatening consequences of failure which is common in the life of the salesperson.

I recently wrote an article,  Sharpening your Emotional (sales) IQ on Floor Covering News. To learn more about building rapport, click on this link.

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