How to Turn Bad into Good

Life is what you do with it
I’ve had one of those days where everything seems beyond my control; have you ever had that happen? I can handle one thing going wrong but not 3 or 4 things! For instance last night I tried to download a report and both my computers were acting up! I finally went to bed at 1:30 AM and did some meditation. I hoped the meditation would quiet my nerves.
I started thinking; this is no different than when I had cancer. First I felt sorry for myself, you know, the ‘why me,’ and then I realized that ‘yes I was chosen for this task’ and what was I going to do with my opportunity. Yes, I felt it was an opportunity to call upon my strength and my wisdom; how could I help myself and the other people sitting with me in the chemo room.
We are all strong; in bad times we need to capitalize on our strengths. There is always something we can do to either put ourselves back in control or give up control to the universe. I’m not trying to get to esoteric, but the world goes on around us no matter what we are planning. After my ‘episode’ last night, I again realized there was nothing I could do and I would have to wait for some help. Those expecting my report would either accept or not accept my excuse. Case closed; at least so far.
My dear friend Tony must have read my mind because he sent me this article on How to feel happy on even your lowest days
The article is about a Sam Cawthorn, Australian motivational speaker and young man who feel asleep while driving and lost his arm in the crash and was told he would never walk again. (By the way, he speaks about it on a very compelling video.)
Sam talks about Adversarial Growth; the doctors told him there were so many things he would never be able to do again! This just made him mad and he decided he would be able to do them. Sometimes this works! At first I was angry about my two desktop computers not working and then I realized it would eventually work out. You know how I knew this?
There’s an article in Psychology Today, “When everything goes wrong” that speaks to using adversity to get yourself back on track. 
One of the key things is to quiet your mind so you can access your wisdom and strength that is quietly hiding under your anguish. It’s what we use to get us through life on a daily basis.
The holidays have a way of throwing road blocks at us; maybe to test our strength and compassion. We often have to deal with people out of obligation many of which we choose to avoid on a daily basis. Most of my family is gone; I secretly yearn for some of those old faces; many whom I avoided. I always tried to look at their good qualities even if it was just they cooked great eggplant parmigiana! My dad looked at every stressful situation in a humorous way–thank goodness I inherited some of that!

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