Hope To See You At Surfaces: Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Here it is again, the trip many in the floor covering industry love and dread. Despite the sore feet from all the walking,  it is definitely something to be excited about. This is where we get to see what’s hot, what’s in, what’s out as well as looking at new designs.
 I hope you are planning on attending the show In Las Vegas, being held at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, January 23-26. The 23rd is the start of the education show with more than 78 great classes to choose from. Unfortunately you can’t attend all of them but there is a CD you can purchase which has all the seminars recorded. Of course there are product and installation seminars as well as all types of business seminars.
I will be offering two seminars that will add profitability to your business whether you are in retail or wholesale. Retention Marketing: Are your Present Customers Putting You Out of Business and Red Hot Customer Service. Everyone I’ve spoken to has a customer service horror story despite the fact that businesses are in competition for customers. Customer service is a  place where businesses can shine. If you want new ideas that will   add to your bottom line and your customer base, head on over to my seminars.
1/23 Retention Marketing:  Room MO13A 1-2:30 PM
1/23 Red Hot Customer Service: MO17A 3-4:40 PM. I am giving a free autographed book (Red Hot Customer Service) for those of you who mention this article or  bring a copy to either seminar.
By the way Fabulous Floors Magazine will be sharing a booth with Floor Covering Weekly. Stop in and pick up a copy of our latest issue of Fabulous Floors Magazine.
I have read so many comments on LinkedIn about Surfaces—the pros and cons of attending. If you’re in the floor covering industry how can you not attend this show? Every industry has a trade show a place to go and meet other people in your industry.  I’m always excited when my optician comes back from the Optical Trade Show and tells me what’s new. I also feel like he’s on top of new products.
I have another friend who just came back with some new ideas for my business which he got from the Promotions Show. Whatever your business, you owe it to your customers to be on top of the trends and products that are new in your industry. Knowing these things increases your credibility and your expertise with your customer. If you’re writing a blog or using other social media, you will find great information for your customers.
My hunch is that those who are making it through these tough times are businesses that are on top of the industry, are showing the best products and know the trends. Don’t forget to gather up as many trade publications and product information for your employees back home. Don’t forget to sign up for the CD.
I’ve been in the industry for a long time wearing many different hats. For 14 years as an owner of a 7 store floor covering and furniture chain, then as associate publisher of Fabulous Floors Magazine and  industry trainer. As the day to leave arrives I put on my Surfaces hat and begin to get excited as to who I’m going to meet in my seminars and what I’m going to learn from exhibitors and other speakers. When I get to the showroom floor I feel proud to be part of the flooring industry.
Of course I get a CD of all of the seminars and can’t wait for it to get to my mailbox.
Despite the economy, Surfaces still exists and is the best show in town. Hopefully you can come out and support our industry as well as get  great ideas for your business. To register for the seminars, go to http://www.surfaces.com/attendee/show-information/registration.aspxrror.
I hope to see you there.
Lisbeth can be reached via email: [email protected].

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