Historic Houses Have Better Value

3 CEU Credits

Description of Course:

An analysis of real estate values in historic districts conducted by economist Donovan D. Rypkema, of Washington, D.C. “The results of these studies are remarkably consistent: property values in local historic districts appreciate significantly faster than the market as a whole in the vast majority of cases, and they appreciate at rates equivalent to the market in the worst case. Simply put – historic districts enhance property values.”
Historic homes may come with additional ‘rules’ that can govern the painting of the exterior of your home and what you renovations you can or can’t make. The purpose of historic designation is not to make change impossible but to make sure changes are appropriate to the existing community. As communities gentrify the issue of fair housing can also be an issue.


  • Understand how you find out whether a home is historic, how the designation was approved and where you find out the regulations regarding particular homes in the neighborhood.
  • Learn about neighborhood associations, what they do for the areas, how you find them and how they influence what occurs in the neighborhood. Instructor will show photos of specific historic homes.
  • Audience will also view and identify different styles of historic homes.

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