Great New Habits That People Have Built During COVID–There’s Still Time!

There are days when I must ask someone whether it’s Monday or Tuesday. When you’re not on your usual work schedule, one day runs into the next. I was talking with a friend who told me that pajamas have become the outfit for the day. Maybe that’s not bad, she said, I realize now how much time I worry about I’m wearing and how fashionable I am! “

Normal is now; it’s doubtful that we will go back to the way it was for an exceptionally long time. Things were changing before the pandemic, and many new habits are a result of the last four months. Here are some habits that my friends and business associate say they want to keep. Here they are, do you have any of them?

People are taking classes. I took all kinds of classes during March; not sure if they will help but it kept me busy. I also worked on my NEW WEBSITE, IT’S ALMOST DONE—TAKE A LOOK! Tell me what you think.

Make sure you’ve got a home gym set up. Many people are exercising more, yes not less. Since the gyms have closed and people seem to be eating more, exercise has been on our minds. I noted a Facebook post of a friend: “I guess my husband is serious about us losing weight, as the Bowflex Xtreme was being delivered.” It’s hard to tell how many of us will be heading back to the gym, when and if they open. I don’t know about you, but I always thought the gym was the germiest place on the planet. We used to laugh during Yoga about the hair and dust flying around on the floor and people not wiping down the machines. I don’t know how they can keep it clean. I tried to buy a new bike in April and there wasn’t one to be found. I finally bought a used one.

Keep up your free time and reflection. Like many other business owners, much of my self-worth is built on being successful. Often success means being competitive; I don’t feel that very much. Not being able to work as much has given me time to reflect on my life. No matter what was going on in my life, I could always find work to take up the space. As I reflect on how I’ve spent my life, I’m thinking that having time to think and enjoy other things in life.

Have people become more important in your life? For the first two months, I didn’t go anywhere; I stayed home and started calling old friends; ones I hadn’t talk to in years. I’ve decided I’m not going to forget about my friends or my customers. It was wonderful talking with these people and sharing my concerns and getting connected again.

Are you eating healthier and even planted a garden? Last week, I visited Walmart and Lowe’s looking for end of the summer bargain perennials. The expired ones are usually on sale for a fraction of their original price, or you can get them for free. There wasn’t a perennial in either place! I was told that everyone was planting something. In addition, people are buying greenhouses! Several of my friends have decided to become vegetarians; no more meat!

Have you taken up cooking? So many of my friends have and are trying out all kinds of new food. My neighbor and I, prior to COVID used to go out for lunch a couple of times a week. We’re now realizing how much more money we spent. Now we’re inviting our small circle of friends for lunch and dinner.

Being frugal is in! Whether you’re working or collecting unemployment, we don’t know what’s going to happen next. My one friend says she is just saving her money; she has been on unemployment twice and doesn’t know what her boss is going to do next. I don’t think I need any new clothes either and I don’t miss shopping. Times have changed!

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1 thought on “Great New Habits That People Have Built During COVID–There’s Still Time!”

  1. Useful, Liz!…I can stay home a maximum of 3 days, then have to sally forth–to my office downtown in Trinity Church or to the Post Office (always have letters).
    If I want to work in my office at home, I change from nightshirt to shorts and T-shirt. (I remember John Cheever who’d put on suit, shirt and tie as if going to an Office, then go to the basement of his Manhattan apartment building to a room no bigger than a coal bin where he’s undress and set to work typing his short stories.) I practice solo criminal and Family Court law and write crime fiction in my Church school room (way bigger than Cheever’s).

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