Flooring Trends and Flooring Solutions

3 CEU Credits

Let’s face it, new flooring can be expensive; but you don’t always need new flooring to spruce up your floors or create an entirely new look. With so many new products on the market, changes can be made at a fraction of the cost!

Thank goodness flooring trends don’t change nearly as often as fashion, or other home decor, but flooring is in a period of evolution thanks to advancing technologies. Think about how quickly we went from flip phones to smartphones — that is what’s happening with flooring technologies.

We can now do more than ever before with” lookalike flooring options” and stain resistance products. The “phony” laminate floors have been replaced with new waterproof options which add to their versatility, are price sensitive, and beautiful.

Why is this important in real estate? Let’s say you are trying to help your customer sell their home and as you look around, you realize that the flooring is really an eyesore. Replacing the flooring isn’t in your budget so what are your other choices? There are new maintenance products as well as floor finishes that will eliminate your problems and create a new look at the fraction of replacement costs.

If you’re purchasing a home, how do you calculate the cost of replacement or are their other options? Wood flooring is a perfect example. Most consumers think that ‘sanding and refinishing’ wood floors or replacement are the only choices is when it comes to improving their look. There’s a process called ‘screen and recoat’ is ½ the price or how about painting them?

  • This class will provide overall solutions for common flooring issues.
  • We will also include flooring trends for the 5 most popular products. These are carpet, wood, laminate, ceramic tile and luxury vinyl.
  • We will discuss the pros and cons of these products, how to clean and/or repair the products. I’ve also added stained concrete.

TIME: Total time is 180 minutes, minus 30 minutes for break leaving 150 for class information.

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