Financial Tips: Getting Through Tough Times

Budget for a new reality

If you have an uncertain future, or think you might, then “scrub”your budget.

Build emergency savings for yourself and look at your major obligations. If you don’t want to give up your outside expenditures — trips to Starbucks, picking up a new cosmetic, that trip to the dollar store that never turns out to be a dollar — then plan to take less money with you and leave your credit cards at home. Take only enough cash to spend or make one less trip.

See how long you can keep that $20.00 in your wallet.

Refinance your house?

Take a look at the rates, what you save in both the short and long term. Sometimes the closing costs are as much as what you will save over the long run. This isn’t such a good deal.

Where is your money going?

Too many trips to the supermarket, buying large quanties and half gets thrown out because it doesn’t get used? Maybe this is the time to lose that weight your’ve been complaining about. You don't have to eat less, just eat smart.

Get rid of your debt

Put away the credit cards, period. Start looking at what you’re buying and why. In the meantime, just don’t add anything to your debt. In times like these, since there is so much uncertainty, plan to make it easier in the future — not harder.

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