Does Your New And Improved Stink?

How do you know if your “new and improved stinks?”

Here are a couple of examples that are really outdated; CORONA-19  has outdated most everything but they might give you a laugh. If you want to improve your business; focus on how COVID-19 has changed our world and how you can adapt.

  • Frito Lay recently changed it’s packaging bags to ‘compostable’ materials. The bags made so much noise that customers complained and Frito Lay took them off the market and went off to their old bags.
  • P & G also found that customers were complaining that their new soap formula without phosphates was not cleaning the dishes.

So what, it’s good for the environment and isn’t that what you want? Not necessarily so my friends. We want clean clothes, clean dishes and quiet chip bags more than anything. What about sustainability, biodegradability, recycled and of course renewable?

COVID-19 has brought many things to life that were on our horizon but are now ‘smack’ in our faces! There is no such thing as a “new normal’, everything changes daily. It is important for all businesses to begin to look at what is influencing customers to buy and adapting it to their businesses.

Cleanliness and hygiene are certainly two trends that are influencing where customers buy. You don’t have to look further than your grocery stores and see how they’ve ‘stepped up their games.’ My favorite store has someone at the door, washing your cart down and giving you sanitary wipe for your hands. This is above and beyond my nearby supermarket who is only worried about people stealing their shopping baskets. (Maybe it’s because the paper bags fall apart when you want out the door!)

Trader Joes is doing wellness checks with employees. Go out of your way to show your customers you’re worried about their health. How many times do we have to hear that ‘older American’s’ are more susceptible to the virus before you never want to leave your house. I would make it a point to talk with customers on line about what you’re doing in your store to keep them healthy. Show them photos of your bathrooms, paper towels sanitizing bottles and wipes. A friend of mine says they don’t wear masks unless the customer asks them too! This is both dangerous and inconsiderate.

Think  ‘customers first.’ My job is not to make you sick; to do this I wear my mask. Many are catching the virus from others who have no symptoms. We had a person in my neighborhood who had no symptoms, never wore a mask and infected at least 10 people with one getting very ill.

Shop at home maybe in but minimize your time in the customer’s house and your actual contact. If you must go to a customers home, complete as much of the paperwork as you can before you get there. If you’re bringing sample, clean the samples before you give them to your customer.  If there’s a balance to collect, try to get the customer to pay over the phone. My suggestion is you tell your customers that you are doing everything you can to minimize contact so they don’t have to worry.


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