Does Joe the Plumber Work for You?

I watched with amazement the other night when John McCain kept asking, "is Joe the Plumber here?" Obviously, he wasn't. As of today, Joe the Plumber has two no-shows and as the scuttlebutt goes, hasn't paid his taxes.

I felt bad for McCain as he continued to gaze around the crowd searching for Joe. Well, apparently Joe has shown up only once. Hmmmmmm, where I come from a couple of no-shows and you're looking for another job.

Maybe McCain should have Googled Joe before he invited him to this little event.

This really isn't a partisian comment but if I were running for president — and thank God I'm not, it's really a tough job that doesn't pay all that well – I sure would know who I had for back up. It's like getting a new installer and trying him out on a complicated job without checking his references.

Maybe Joe will get his own talk show instead.

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