Convert Customers Who are On the Fence into Buyers

Istock_confused-indecisive Customers often have trouble making decisions. Fear is one reason, guilt another. A few people have recently told me they aren't sure how to approach indecisive customers — especially in this economy. Is it appropriate to push them or not?  Should they offer more discounts or not? My thoughts are: why would the economy change the way you sell? If you pushed before, why not push now? If you gently guided before, why not continue to gently guide? The economy — or any other external factor — shouldn't dicate how you approach sales. Do what you've always done, just strive to keep doing better.

Remember, a customer's decision to not buy has more to do with uncertainty than price. Work to remove their fear by talking about your product's benefits, warrantys, and how well you're doing. Customers want to be sure that you will survive to be able to continue providing them what they want. Discounts might work–but offering gifts will work more in your favor. "A gift with purchase" around the holidays is what the fragrance manufacturers are currently offering.  It certainly has an appeal. On the other hand, huge discounts yell huge desperation.

Showing genuine concern for your customers will always take you far. Call them up to see how they're doing. Call as a friend. Ask your customers if they're planning on entertaining at home for the holidays or if they're going away. They'll appreciate the concern and your interest.

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