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Business Strategy Coaching

This is an individualized coaching program that helps entrepreneurs define their personal and professional goals and eliminate roadblocks that are hampering them from reaching these goals.

Our customized approach allows us to get results that are not possible with cookie-cutter programs. Call for a free consultation to determine if their program is right for you; to get the best results, this is at minimum this is a three month program.

Keynote Speaking Engagements

Lisbeth has over 25 years of experience training business professionals. She has the ability to deliver an inspirational speech that is thought-provoking and guaranteed to bring out the passion in the audience. 

If you want a strong, convincing woman to present to your business, Lisbeth is the right choice to hire today.

Custom Training & Development

Lisbeth has written, developed and delivered hundreds of custom training courses for a wide variety of businesses, delivered both live and as part of their online learning academies.

Have a topic you need delivered for your organization?  Whether online or in-person, live or recorded, Lisbeth and her team can write, produce and execute a high-quality course that provides the results you need for your team, no matter what size.

Look Mom, no Hands!

Now is the perfect time to improve your skills, online and contact-free with a recognized online training pro!

Let's face it - some of us are good at it, and some trainers will leave you hitting the snooze bar...

Contact us today to set up your next awesome online training - either one of my courses or a customized training session just for you and your staff!

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